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WCC Alumni Profiles

WCC is proud of the thousands of alumni who have learned and WCC and are now living and working right here in our service region. 

 Click Here to Meet Sheriff Richard Vaughan & Amy Leonard Vaughan

“We were both able to work, go to college, and raise a family at the same time, without leaving the support system of our families and local community.  That part was so important!” --Richard & Amy Vaughan

Click Here to Meet Jessica Sumner Farina

“I would have gone to WCC all four years if I could have.  WCC was always a friendly, comforting atmosphere.” --Jessica Sumner Farina 


Click Here to Meet Karla Yates

"WCC is home. It’s where I received the amazing start toward my dream job. I can honestly say I love what I do, and I look forward to coming to work every day. Not many people can say that.” -- Karla Udell Yates


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