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WCC's Workforce Development offers a wide variety of online occupational and personal development opportunities. Explore some of our current programs below.

Summer 2023 Courses

Cloud Gamers: Mobile App Development
Cloud gaming is the way of the future! Build games you can play everywhere and anywhere using a web-based development tool. Learn in-demand skills like programming events and coding controls for a touch screen or keyboard and mouse. Finish by personalizing levels and characters with your own design.  Now you are ready to upload your games to the Black Rocket cloud arcade and play on any mobile device or computer. Games can easily be shared with friends and family! 

Beats and Jams
Begin your rise to the top of the charts with digital music production! Just like today's top artists, you can design your own beats or remix a mashup of your favorite songs to become a digital composer and sound engineer.  In this course, students will learn to produce digital music, record sound, make sound effects, and mix their own tracks. No prior music experience is necessary. Student-created soundtracks will be available on a password protected website to share with friends and family.

Minecraft Modders
Customize your own Minecraft world and mod the classic game in this one of a kind class. Learn scripting and logic statements as you create your first mods. Students will create a wide variety of new elements, gameplay mechanics, and world generating mods to change the way you play Minecraft. Projects will be available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. Students must have the Java version of Minecraft to take this class. Tablet, phone, and game console versions of Minecraft are not compatible. Returning students can create more advanced projects that build on previous years.

Pokemon Masters: Designers & 3D Makers Unite!
Calling all PokeMasters who want to be the designers of the future! Use your Pokemon imagination and bring your ideas to life. Begin by creating your own digital Pokemon-style custom playing card game. Progress onto designing action figures, jewelry, and toys in professional-level modeling software. Learn how to prepare a model for 3D printing and create a design portfolio to showcase your work! No prior experience is necessary and 3D designs will be available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family.

YouTube Content Creators
Find your voice and leave your mark on the world! Whether you are six or sixteen, it’s time to start a career as the next YouTube star. Explore the variety of content and personalities that exist on YouTube and how to find your own niche. Learn the Dos and Don’ts of the platform and how to practice good digital citizenship. Develop your on-camera presence, your own channel branding, and professional editing skills. Take home a plan for launching your own channel with the content created in class! Student projects will be available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family.

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Education To Go

Online classes run 6-weeks. Classes start at $104.
Visit our course website:www.ed2go.com/wcc 

Ed2Go Career Programs

Online career-focused programs.
Check out our online course catalog:careertraining.ed2go.com/wcc/

Legal Studies Prep - CLS by Barbri

CLS by Barbri offers online courses for Paralegal Preparation, Victim Advocacy, Intellectual Property Law for Engineers, and more.
Log on to our course website:https://www.legalstudies.com/vendor/wytheville-cc/