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It is the vision of WCC Workforce Development to become the primary resource in the college's service region for workforce development, skills enhancement, customized training and testing. Working in partnership with employers, economic development, school systems and others, we will provide quality workforce development activities which will result in a well-trained and skilled workforce which meets the needs of today's employers and tomorrow's job challenges.

For individuals seeking career and/or personal development, we offer degree and certificate programs as well as non-credit classes.

The Challenge

  • The National Association of Manufacturers states that the most serious problem facing today's industry is finding and keeping a qualified workforce
  • 75% of all job applicants are rejected as unqualified
  • Technology in the workplace is growing exponentially which requires increasingly higher skill levels in the workplace
  • Employers in the WCC service area are competing with other organizations both nationally and internationally in a global marketplace
  • Workers in the WCC service area are competing with workers in Europe, Asia, Mexico, South America, Eastern Countries and Third World Countries in a global marketplace
  • The employers in the WCC service area are all seeking well qualified workers in the area

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