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You may view the WCC catalog online which will provide you with up to date course and program information.  It also includes the Student Handbook.

Visit http://www.wcc.vccs.edu/financial-aid to learn more about financial aid at WCC.

Download financial aid forms here.

From the WCC home page:

  • Click on “MyWCC”
  • Click on “Look up your username and set your password”
  • The information entered must exactly match what you typed in when filling out your application.
  • If the steps above are not working for you, please contact the WCC Helpdesk by clicking on “Contact Us” or “Contact your college” link.  You may also call (276) 223-4872 during regular business hours, or use the AskWCC link on the college’s homepage to get in touch with one of our Online Academic Advisors.

  • Go to: www.wcc.vccs.edu
  • Click “MyWCC”
  • Click “Enroll”
  • Log in by entering your user name and password and click “Log In” (if you do not know your user name and password, Click on “look up my user name and set my password”
  • Click “VCCS SIS: Student Information System”
  • Click “Student Center”
  • Select a the term you would like to register for
  • Click “Continue”

You can enter the 5 digit class number from the schedule of classes and click “enter.”

To search for open classes, click the “search” button. Then enter the “course subject” and “course number.”  (For example, to search for ENG 111: enter “ENG” for the course subject, and “111” for the course number) and then click the “search” button

To search by time, click “search,” then click “additional search criteria.”  Enter a class time in the “Meeting Time” boxes.  Select the day(s) you would like.  Then click “Search.”  Some classes (such as developmental classes) which meet for an extended time will not appear.  

WCC uses WCC Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency. WCC Alert delivers important emergency alerts, notifications and updates to you on all your devices (including multiple email accounts, cell phone, pager, Smartphone/PDA) When an incident or emergency occurs, authorized senders will instantly notify you using WCC Alert. WCC Alert is your personal connection school closings and to real-time updates during an emergency situation including instructions on where to go, what to do, or what not to do, who to contact and other important information.

To sign up for WCC Alert, click on: WCC Alert 

  • Go to: www.wcc.vccs.edu
  • Click “MyWCC”
  • Log in by entering your user name and password and click “Log In”
  • Click “VCCS SIS: Student Information System”
  • Click “Enrollment”
  • Click “My Class Schedule”
  • Select the term
  • Click “Continue”
  • To view a weekly schedule, click on “Weekly Schedule” under “Enrollment”

  • Go to the WCC Homepage
  • Click “MyWCC”
  • Log in by entering your user name and password and click “Log In”
  • Click “VCCS SIS: Student Information System”
  • Click on “Student Center”
  • To view the amount due, click on “Account Inquiry” (under the Finances section)

*If there is a message on the screen that states you do not have a tuition balance, you may need to change your User Preferences.  To do this:

  • From the Self Service screen, click on “Campus Personal Information”
  • Then click on “User Preferences”
  • Select “Wytheville Community College” from the drop down menu beside of Institution
  • Click “Save”
  • To make a payment, click on “Go to QuikPAY” from the Student Center page and follow the directions on the page

  • Log in to “My.WCC” from the WCC Homepage
  • Click on “VCCS SIS: Student Information System”
  • Click on “Student Center”
  • If you are current student and are in a degree program, your faculty advisor is listed on the right hand side of your “Student Center” menu.
  • If you do not yet have an advisor listed, please contact an advisor or counselor in Student Services at (276)223-4758 for assistance.

Program information can be found at http://www.wcc.vccs.edu/programs-study

Student photo IDs are acquired in the Academic Resources Center (located in Bland Hall--bottom floor).

12 credits is the minimum full-time course load, but students may take up to 18 credits each semester as a full-time student.  Students are NOT required to be full-time in order to receive financial aid.  Financial aid is prorated for part-time students.  For more information about financial aid, please visit their website.

WCC currently offers many courses through our Distance Education program. Students are able to complete many course requirements for varying degrees and certificate programs online.  Some courses are offered fully online, others are offered in a hybrid format. 

Yes!  We have tutors available on main campus, as well as making arrangements for them to meet students at the Crossroads Institute in Galax or the Smyth County Education Center in Atkins.  Just contact Emily Darlington at (276)223-4714 or edarlington@wcc.vccs.edu to schedule an appointment with a tutor. 

We also offer online tutoring through SmartThinking


To access SmartThinking online tutoring:

  • Go to the WCC home page www.wcc.vccs.edu
  • Click on MyWCC 
  •  Click on the link for SmartThinking (toward the bottom of the page on the right-hand side)
  • Enter your username.  It will be your full student email address (example: userID@email.vccs.edu)
  • Enter the password “wcctutor

Hybrid classes are taught via a combination of online learning and traditional face-to-face learning.  These classes offer students the opportunity to have in-person interaction with instructors and classmates along with the flexibility of online learning.

To learn more about our transfer degree programs, go to http://www.vccs.edu/students/transfers.  A Transfer Planner is available on the Virginia Education Wizard which will provide information on Transfer Agreements, Guaranteed Admissions Agreements and the appropriate steps to prepare for transfer.  Details of the VCCS Transfer Grant are also included. 

Through agreements with the Virginia Community College System, students who graduate from WCC with a transfer degree and a minimum grade point average may obtain guaranteed admission to more than 30 of Virginia’s colleges and universities.  For a listing of participating colleges and universities go to http://www.vccs.edu/students/transfers.

These programs require a separate application (in addition to the WCC application), and are subject to competitive or selective admission. You may obtain an application and requirement checklist from the Admissions Office or visit the Health Professions Information page and scroll down to the “Admission to Specified Curricula” to download the Selective Admissions packet.

These programs are available through partnerships with other VCCS colleges.  For more information on how to apply to these programs, please contact a WCC Advisor.  

WCC encourages students to pursue their academic goals at whatever pace will allow them to excel, while at the same time balancing their education with work and personal responsibilities.  In most degree programs, a student may take as little as one course a semester.  However, there are some programs, such as the Health Profession programs, which require that students complete the degree in the time frame and semester sequence listed in the course catalog.  Some “Guaranteed Admissions Transfer Agreements” to specific colleges require students to complete their transfer associate degree within two years.

It is strongly recommended that students meet with their faculty advisor about academic planning before registering for courses each semester.  When deciding which course(s) to take next, it is important to read the course description in the back of the college catalog to see if the course has any prerequisites.  If not, then it is often acceptable to take a course out of sequence.  

Electives in Social Science, Health/PE, Public Speaking, and Humanities are examples of courses that may be taken in any term.  However, be aware of the degree-specific courses listed under each semester of the degree program, as these courses have been placed in this order by the faculty.  Therefore, while there may not be a prerequisite for a particular course, it is often to the student’s advantage to take certain courses in the order listed.  Some degree-specific courses are only offered in either the Fall or the Spring semester, but not both. 

To access the current WCC class schedule go to Class Schedules.

Be aware that until the class schedule is posted at the above link, class offerings and times are in flux.

  • Current students can also search class offerings by logging in to “MyWCC”
  • Enter your user name and password then click “Log In”
  • Click “VCCS Student Information System”
  • Click “Class Search” under “Class Search/Browse Catalog”
  • Choose the institution and term, then enter the “course subject” and “course number”(For example:  to search for ENG 111, enter “ENG” for the course subject, and “111” for the course number
  • Click the “Search” button

  • Go to: www.wcc.vccs.edu
  • Click “MyWCC”
  • Enter your user name and password, click “Log In”
  • Click “VCCS Student Information System”
  • Click “Academic Records”
  • Click “View Unofficial Transcript”
  • Select the Academic Institution, then select “unofficial transcript” for report type
  • Click “Go”

  • Go to: www.wcc.vccs.edu
  • Click “MyWCC”
  • Enter your user name and password, click “Log In”
  • Click “VCCS Student Information System”
  • Click “Academic Records”
  • Click “Request Official Transcript”
  • Select the Institution
  • Select Option: Immediate Processing, Degree Confer Date, or Grade Posting
  • Enter the number of transcripts you would like in the Quantity box
  • If you would like the transcript(s) sent to you check the box beside “Send To My Address”
  • If you would like the transcript sent somewhere other than your listed mailing address, enter the address in the “Send To” box
  • Click “Submit”

**You may also request an official transcript by faxing or mailing a Transcript Request Form to:

Wytheville Community College
Admissions and Records
1000 E. Main Street
Wytheville, VA 24382
Fax (276) 223-4860

Because your signature is required, we cannot accept email requests for transcripts.

Click the following link to see a listing of important dates for each term:


  • Go to: www.wcc.vccs.edu
  • Click “MyWCC”
  • Enter your user name and password, click “Log In”
  • Click “VCCS Student Information System”
  • Click “Transfer Credit”
  • Click “View Transfer Credit Report”

If you had your transcript from your previous college sent to WCC and asked to have it evaluated for a particular curriculum, the transfer credit will be listed here.

*Please note that if you change your curriculum, you will need to contact the Admissions Office to request that your transcript be re-evaluated for your new curriculum.

Accommodations provided through disability services are determined on an individual basis.  Students are responsible for referring themselves for disability services. 

For more information about Disabilities Services at WCC visit the Disabilities Services page or contact:

Barbara Mills
(276) 223-4754

Absolutely!  WCC offers a variety of campus-wide activities for students each year.  Many student clubs and organizations are available at WCC for students.  Clubs and organizations can be founded by students, faculty, and staff of WCC. Click here for a listing of clubs and organizations.  For more information, please contact Emily Darlington, Student Activities Coordinator at (276) 223-4714 or email at edarlington@wcc.vccs.edu

The bookstore is located on the upper level of Bland Hall.  You will need a copy of your class schedule to get your books.
You can look up your books and the cost ahead of time by going to www.wcc.vccs.edu.

  • Click on “WCC Bookstore”
  • Click “Books”
  • Click “Textbooks and Course Materials”
  • Select “All” from the first drop down menu
  • Then select the term when you are taking the class (Fall, Spring or Summer)
  • Select the department for the class from the drop down menu  (example: For ENG 111 select “ENG” for department)
  • Select the course from the drop down menu (example: For ENG 111 select “111”)
  • Select your section number from the drop down menu (example: for section 1 of a course select “1”)
  • Then click “Submit” and the required materials for the course will come up on the screen

  • Go to the WCC Homepage
  • Click “MyWCC”
  • Enter your user name and password, click “Log In”
  • Click “Gmail” (4th option down)
  • This will take you to your email account.  The first time you log in, you will have to accept the agreement and then it will direct you to your email.

  • Go to the WCC Homepage
  • Click MyWCC
  • Log in
  • Click on VCCS SIS (Student Information System)
  • Click on Self Service
  • Click on Campus Personal Information
  • Click on User Preferences
  • Select WCC from the drop down menu
  • Click Save

This will update WCC to be your primary institution.  It may take up to 24 hours to update in Blackboard. 

No, a parking permit is not needed on any of our campuses.  You may park anywhere except for spots designated as disabled, reserved or visitor.

Go to the Ask WCC page to speak to an online counselor.