Dual Enrollment at WCC


Students who wish to begin their collegiate careers in high school have the ability to take dual enrollment courses as part of their individual pathways. Wytheville Community College greatly welcomes students who meet college-level requirements individual opportunities for advancement and rigor within the higher education realm.

During the 2020-21 school year, nearly 1,000 dual enrollment students completed college credit in over 300 unique offeringsWCC is highly committed to working with our secondary partners in continuing our successful dual enrollment outreach.

Secondary School

Dual enrollment courses at each school are taught by credentialed high-school faculty. Each high-school faculty member must go through a formal credentialing process. The process is reviewed and certified by WCC prior to dual enrollment courses being offered to any qualifying student.

Tuition charges, if applicable, are paid to the individual school. These charges are a fraction of the normal tuition/fee costs. Course calendars reflect each individual school system calendar, while the Dual Enrollment Coordinator provides specific add, drop, and withdrawal dates to all students, counselors, and administrators at the beginning of each semester. Dates for each school system can be found below.


Dual enrollment students who take courses taught by a WCC instructor during any semester will pay the normal tuition/fee costs. Tuition/fee costs for the current school year. In addition to tuition/fee costs, students must obtain a principal permission letter for these independent WCC courses. Course calendars reflect the approved WCC academic calendar. The WCC academic calendar can be found here.

Concurrent Awards

As part of House Bill 1184, students can now work towards concurrent awards as part of their high-school diploma track. WCC offers concurrent pathways for the General Education Certificate (33 credits), the Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in General Studies (61 credits), and the Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in Science (61 credits).

More information on these pathways can be found under the Concurrent Awards link on the left-hand side of this page. It is important that students considering these concurrent awards meet with the Dual Enrollment Coordinator during their freshman and/or sophomore years to verify that these choices work towards individual pathways and educational goals before beginning any program.