Welcome Parents!

Wytheville Community College understands that parents can play a major role in their student’s college plans, especially younger students who are just graduating from high school.  After all, parents often assist with paying tuition.

Parents are encouraged to explore all the educational possibilities afforded to their student by attending WCC, whether it is the first two years of college on the way to a bachelor’s degree, or a one- or two-year program of study that will prepare the student for an exciting and productive career path.

Dual Enrollment

WCC encourages parents to get involved early to help the student decide which high school courses to take, as this can positively affect a student’s college career. For example, if a student takes dual enrollment classes at their high school, which are usually paid for by the local school system, then those courses count toward both a high school diploma and a program of study/college credit at WCC.  Many high school students are now taking numerous dual enrollment courses in high school and completing their associate’s degree at WCC before even graduating from high school, which can save families a year or more in tuition fees.

Campus Tours

Parent and students are always welcomed to take a tour of the WCC campus and speak with a counselor about educational and financial aid opportunities available at WCC.  Please call (276) 223-4825 to schedule a tour.

Financial Aid

Find more information on the Financial Aid program and instructions for filling out the FAFSA.  If you would like to speak with WCC’s Financial Aid Office staff directly, please call (276) 223-4706.


WCC has over 100 scholarships that can assist with tuition and books at WCC.  Parents can see the scholarship requirements, access the scholarship application, and see a list of available scholarships.

Parent Access to Student Information/FERPA

Parents should be aware that federal law prohibits WCC from providing information about student grades and other data. The law is called FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), and details about FERPA can be found here. Unless a student gives written approval for a parent to access personal information, the college may not discuss grades and other issues with any family member.

Additional Educational Planning

For a great website that will help with planning for college, try the Virginia Education Wizard.