Transfer Students

Transfer to Four-Year Institutions

Wytheville Community College (WCC) offers transfer programs designed to allow students to complete first- and second-year courses that transfer to most four-year colleges and universities. The Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree offers students a widely accepted program of general education courses allowing flexibility for selecting specific courses that may be required at the college or university to which the student wishes to transfer. The AA&S degree and the AS degree often enable students to complete the first two-years of a four-year degree program. While some four-year schools will accept some courses from certain Associate in Applied Science degree programs, this policy varies by institution.  Typically, a student who intends to transfer should most likely be enrolled in one of the Associate of Science or Associate of Arts and Sciences programs below:

College Transfer Programs

Associate of Arts & Sciences


Associate of Science

WCC also offers a certificate in General Education. This certificate can be helpful for students who pursue a degree in a non-transferable occupational program, but need additional general education courses to transfer, or for students who may intend to transfer after one year.

Veterinary Preparation 

WCC offers a Uniform Certificate of General Studies (UCGS).  The Passport and UCGS are 16 and 30-32 credit hour transfer programs in which all courses are transferable and shall satisfy lower-division general education requirements at any public institution of higher education in Virginia. The Passport shall be a component of UCGS. 

Students transfer through many different pathways; the Passport and UCGS are two mechanisms in which transfer opportunities are maximized for students. The goal with both the Passport and UCGS is to maximize credit acceptance and application toward general education requirements for students transferring prior to earning an associate degree. The Passport and UCGS offer a variety of courses to optimize the student's educational experience and increase the opportunity for students to earn the Passport or UCGS while also preparing for their program of study. The Passport and UCGS do not guarantee students admission into an institution. 

Planning for a Successful Transfer

It is never too early to start planning for a smooth transition to another institution. Ideally, you would declare your intent to transfer during your first semester or even before registering for any classes. The following is a general timeline for transfer planning: 

Four Semesters Before Transferring:

  • Investigate possible transfer institutions that offer your desired program of study and fulfill your desired features (i.e. size, cost, location, distance learning,)
  • Learn more about general education requirements and the programs available at WCC
  • Work with WCC counselors or advisors to become familiar with the requirements of your WCC program and to select appropriate courses
  • Find out what math courses are required for the potential institutions/majors you are considering and start your math and English courses as early as possible
  • Begin looking for transfer agreements and scholarship opportunities that may exist for your potential major/institution

Three Semesters Before Transferring:

  • Decide which transfer institution best suits your needs and visit if possible
  • Take advantage of transfer workshops, college tours/visit days, and Transfer/College Day Fairs at WCC 
  • Declare your intent to transfer to your Faculty Advisor
  • Use the four-year institution’s transfer guides and consult with a counselor/advisor when selecting your courses
  • Familiarize yourself with the potential institution’s academic calendars and deadlines for admission and financial aid

 Two Semesters Before Transferring:

  • Continue selecting courses that are appropriate for fulfilling general education and or major requirements within your program of study
  • Submit your application for graduation to the WCC Admissions Office
  • Submit request(s) to the Admissions Office for your official transcripts to be sent to your four-year school at the end of the semester

One Semester Before Transferring:

  • Complete your applications for admission to the four-year institution
  • Complete all courses required for your Associate Degree and any other courses required for transfer
  • Submit your application to the four-year school by the posted deadline
  • Complete your FAFSA and submit any additional Financial Aid paperwork by the four-year institution’s deadline (before you are accepted to the institution)
  • Send official transcripts (again) at the end of your last semester

State Policy on Transfer

A State Policy on Transfer was endorsed by the State Board for Community Colleges and the State Council of Higher Education in 1991. This policy suggests guidelines for Virginia community colleges and senior institutions on admission of transfer students, acceptance and application of transfer credits, services for and responsibilities of transfer students, and a transfer module for transfer without an associate degree. Additionally, WCC has formal articulation agreements with various four-year colleges and universities that detail how specific courses will transfer into a senior institution.

Guaranteed Admission Agreements                                                                                            

The Virginia Community College System has established nearly 30 guaranteed admission agreements with various colleges and universities that allow students who graduate from the appropriate WCC transfer program to transfer as a junior into a baccalaureate degree program at the four-year institution. Students are guaranteed entrance to these institutions providing they meet the criteria as established in each individual agreement such as minimum GPA, specific course requirements and proper application procedures.

Admission to a college or university does not guarantee admission to a program, major, minor, or concentration. Students should work closely with the transfer institution to ensure they meet all requirements.

Transfer Options

The State Council for Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) offers a Transfer Options list to assist students in researching options for transferring from a Virginia Community College to a four-year institution in Virginia. The list allows students to compare the most common transfer courses from the community college to courses at any of the four-year institutions in Virginia. 

Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

General Education Core Curriculum

All transferable two-year degrees and all four-year degrees require a general education core curriculum. It is important to select the appropriate courses for meeting the associate degree requirements while choosing courses that although may not be required at WCC will fulfill the requirements of the degree program you plan to transfer to at the four-year institution. Below is a list of WCC courses that are generally accepted at most four-year colleges and universities in Virginia as partial fulfillment of their lower-level general-education requirements. Students must earn a grade of C or better in each course to receive transfer credit.




ENG 111-112 English Composition I-II



ART 101 Art Appreciation

ENG 241-242 Survey of American Literature I-II

ENG 243-244 Survey of English Literature I-II

MUS 121 Music Appreciation

PHI 101 Philosophy

REL 200/ 210 Survey of Old/New Testament

REL 230 Religions of the World

SPA 101-102 Beginning Spanish

SPA 201-202 Intermediate Spanish

CST 151 Film Appreciation I



ECO 201-202  Principles of Economics I-II

GEO 210 Intro to Cultural Geography

GEO 220 World-Regional Geography

HIS 101-102 History of Western 

Civilization I-II

HIS 121-122 U.S. History I-II

PLS 211-212 U.S. Government I-II

PSY 200 Principles of Psychology

SOC 200 Principles of Sociology



BIO 101-102  Biology I-II

CHM 111-112 College Chemistry I-II



MTH 151-152 Liberal Arts Math  (limited transfer)

MTH 163-164 Pre-Calculus I-II

MTH 173-174 Calculus I-II

MTH 271-MTH 272 Applied Calculus I-II


HLT 110  Personal and Community Health

HLT 160  Personal Health and Wellness

PED Courses

 The selection of courses should be based on the student’s WCC degree program, potential transfer institution and intended major. Students are encouraged to consult with an advisor at the four-year institution and a WCC counselor/advisor before enrolling in courses.