Secure your myWCC student account with multi-factor authentication


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) creates a more secure online environment and ensures that only you have access to your WCC accounts. MFA adds an additional layer, such as cell phone PUSH alerts, authentication application, text message, or email, to your login to verify that only you can access your personal myWCC portal. Beginning March 1, 2022, all WCC students, faculty, and staff will be required to use multi-factor authentications (MFA) to log in to their myWCC portal. You are encouraged to set up your MFA option before March 1, 2022, to ensure you have continued access to your student accounts.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an enhanced layer of protection to your accounts. If someone else uses your username or password they would not be able to access your accounts without being verified by your chosen MFA method, cell phone PUSH alert, authentication application, text messages (SMS), or email.


The following steps can be taken to set up your preferred MFA method:

Step 1: Login

  1. From a PC visit myWCC. On the portal you will be presented with the login screens as usual.
  2. Enter your myWCC username and click “Go”
  3. Then enter your password

Step 2: OPT-IN to MFA

Cell Phone Push Notifications MFA

This is the preferred method of multi-factor authentication.

  1. On the upper right of the portal select your name and then select "Select Enroll Mobile Device".

    name menu with red arrow pointing to enroll mobile device option
  2. Click Continue
    • The system will then send setup instructions to your mobile phone and personal email. ONLY one set of instructions is required.
  3. Follow the steps received via text or email
    • If you did not receive this text or email please check your junk mail or follow these manual steps.
  4. Choose a six-digit Pin code, then tap “Submit”.create pin form with two text fields
    • Please do not forget this pin code as it will be used if you do not have biometrics on your phone (fingerprint, facial recognition).

You have completed your Push Authentication setup! Next time you log in to the portal you will be prompted on your phone to Accept. It may take up to 2 min for you to be fully enrolled.

Other Authentication Application, Email, or Text Message Notifications MFA

  1. On the upper right of the portal select your name and then select “Profile Settings”.

    name menu showing profile settings option at the top of the menu
  2. A window will pop up on the right of the screen. Select the “edit profile” button on the lower right.

    edit profile button found at bottom right of screen
  4. Click Save
  5. On the upper right of the portal select your name and then select “Logout”.