Adding an Alternate Email Address

For MFA reasons, you may need to add an Alternate Email Address to your WCC accounts. This can be accomplished using SIS from the myWCC portal.

Steps to Add an Alternate Email Address to Your WCC Accounts

  1. Log in to myWCC.
    My.WCC link in menu on top of WCC webpages
    myWCC portal Login Screen
  2. Click on the SIS tile.
    SIS tile on the myWCC portal
  3. Select My Student Information.
    My Student Information tile in the Student Information System (SIS)
  4. Select Email Addresses – under Personal Information on the side menu bar
    Email Addresses link on side menu under the personal information tab
  5. Select Add an Email Address
    Add an Email Address Button
  6. In the new row, select Other from the drop-down list and add your alternate email address to the next box.
    New email address fields with dropdown with highlighted other option
  7. Select Save
    save button
  8. Select OK
  9. Close the SIS tab and get back to your portal dashboard