WCC Dental Hygiene Clinic

Teeth are important. Personal appearance, chewing efficiency, and general health may be enhanced with healthy teeth and gums. Preventive dentistry can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Take advantage of the services offered at the Wytheville Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic!

When is the WCC Dental Hygiene Clinic Open?

Current Hours

  • Spring Semester: Appointments Available Monday Through Friday 
  • Summer Semester: Limited Hours Available – Please Call to Make An Appointment (276) 223-4830


Who Do I Contact for Information?

Call the WCC Dental Hygiene Clinic at (276) 223-4830 for information or set up an appointment.

Who Can Receive Services?

Anyone is eligible to receive services at the WCC Dental Hygiene Clinic, regardless of locality or insurance. Referrals from local medical/free clinics for oral health care are accepted and encouraged. 

WCC students receive service free of charge (with the exception of bleaching trays). 

*Please note that patients that had a joint replacement within the last 2 years will require antibiotic pre-medication from their physician prior to their appointment. If the patient had a joint replacement more than 2 years ago, antibiotic pre-medication requirements will be determined at their physician’s discretion.

What Services Are Available?

For a nominal fee, you can receive the following services:

  • Oral prophylaxis (teeth cleaning)
  • Topical fluoride application (must be proceeded by a cleaning during the same appointment)
  • Dental x-rays (full mouth, bitewing, and panoramic) can be forwarded to your dentist upon his/her request
  • Plaque control (appointments which include preventative dentistry education on oral hygiene techniques and dietary counseling)
  • Pit and fissure sealants (to prevent tooth decay in grooves of teeth)

WCC can offer their services at a reduced cost because freshman and sophomores provide the services in a learning environment.

Students work more slowly than experienced graduates. Because this is a learning experience, patients are often required to return for additional appointment settings for completion of clinical services. Persons whose schedules will not allow them to return for further appointments should not plan to use the WCC Dental Hygiene Clinic.

What Happens at My Appointment?

Patients complete a medical history form prior to the first appointment. Referral to a physician may be necessary before treatment can begin if there are contraindications to dental services revealed. Physician referrals are completed by supervising instructors. Days of appointments vary for each semester. Call the clinic for your next dental cleaning.


Children under 18 must have a parent or guardian register with them at the reception desk. Parents are encouraged not to accompany children into the clinic area unless they are patients or are requested to do so by the dental hygiene instructor.


Referrals from area medical/free clinics must either have faxed or brought with them a written referral to receive free services.

What Are the Clinic Fees?

Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning):




(Children = 12 years and under)

Fee includes fluoride application for all patients.

Radiographs (x-rays):

Bitewings (child)$10.00

Other services:

Sealants (per tooth)$8.00
Mouth Guard$10.00
Bleaching Tray (set)*$25.00

*All services are free to WCC students except bleaching tray sets.