Sponsored by the DBHDS State Opioid Response Grant Team 

The Department of Behavioral Health and Development State Opioid Response Grant Team and Virginia Commonwealth University are excited to be able to offer the Recovery Scholars Program and the Introduction to Recovery Supports Program to students in recovery from a Substance Use Disorder who are enrolled at Virginia Colleges and Universities. Beginning in the Fall 2020 Semester, students of WCC can participate in the Virginia Recovery Scholars Program or the Introduction to Recovery Supports Program.

To learn more about the expansion of Collegiate Recovery in Virginia, you can view this webinar. Webinar

The Recovery Scholars Program seeks to support students who are in recovery through a supportive seminar while recognizing their contributions through financial scholarship.  The Recovery Scholars participate in a weekly supportive seminar and work an active recovery plan.

The Introduction to Recovery Supports Program is designed for individuals new to recovery, who want additional structure in their recovery journeys while they navigate the challenges of Higher Education. Students will participate in a weekly recovery seminar and must be developing and working an active recovery plan. Individuals entering the newcomers program are able to earn Membership in the Recovery Scholars Program for the next semester and a pro-rated share of a scholarship.  Topics in the Introduction to Recovery Support seminar will help newcomers get plugged into recovery supports relevant to their journeys. 

Any Wytheville Community College student who meets the Program Eligibility and Expectations below are encouraged to apply. 

Program Eligibility & Expectations

  • Have at least 4 months of continuous abstinence from alcohol and illegal drugs and compliance with prescribed medication (Recovery Scholars Program) or Commitment to abstinence from alcohol and illegal drugs and compliance with prescription medication. (Introduction to Recovery Supports Program)
  • Complete an application for admission into the Recovery Scholars Program or Introduction to Recovery Support Program)
  • Interview with Program Staff
  • Commit to attending weekly Recovery Scholars seminar (online)
  • Attend monthly All Community Meeting 3rd Sunday of each month at 6:30 PM (online)
  • Actively participate in a recovery plan

Students who participate in the program will be awarded a $500 scholarship.  This scholarship can be renewed each semester the student is enrolled and all program requirements are met.

The deadline for submitting an application for Fall 2020 program entry is August 6th for the Cohort 1 (strongly recommended) Cohort 2- deadline is August 27thStudents are strongly encouraged to apply for the first deadline as there will be more sections available. 

To begin process students should complete the application.

 Students can independently complete the application provided above.  For additional information and/or assistance please contact Kristie Haga, Lead Faculty in Human Services, at khaga@wcc.vccs.edu.




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