The Wytheville Community College Scholarship Foundation, Inc. was established in 1998. It is a non-profit, charitable organization whose sole purpose is to provide scholarship awards to economically-disadvantaged students who qualify for assistance according to federal poverty guidelines recognized by the Virginia Department of  Education's Neighborhood Assistance Program. The Scholarship Foundation is guided by a board of directors consisting of recognized business and community leaders from throughout the college's service region.

The Scholarship Foundation applies annually for state tax credits through the Neighborhood Assistance Program and when credits are received, the Scholarship Foundation is able to offer these credits to donors. Beginning in 2012, the state tax credit increased from 40 percent to 65 percent of the total donation.

Opportunities for Businesses

Businesses (Sub S, Partnership, LLP, LLC, PC) who contribute at least $616 are eligible for a state tax credit of 65% of the total contribution. Contributions may be in the form of cash, stock, real estate, or some professional services may be accepted.

Opportunities for Individuals

Tax credits are available to individuals or married couples that make cash donations. The minimum donation by an individual or married couple must be at least $500. The value of the tax credit is equal to 65% of the donation up to a maximum of $76,923.08 credit per taxable year.

Neighborhood Assistance Act Scholarship Endowment

Available to economically disadvantaged students who qualify according to the rules of the Neighborhood Assistance Program who are enrolled in degree programs, and who are residents of the WCC service region. (Financial aid eligibility required.)

For more information on the Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits for education, please visit:

Scholarship Foundation Contact Information:

Dr. Rhonda Catron-Wood
Vice President of Academics and Institutional Advancement
(276) 223-4772

Wytheville Community College Scholarship Foundation
Board of Directors, 2020

J. David Vaughan, President - Representing Galax City
P. Brad Snapp, Vice President - Representing Wythe County
Mark Mabry, Treasurer - Representing Wythe County
Dean Sprinkle, Secretary - WCC President
Lauren Chitwood - Representing Carroll County
Kathy Havens - Representing Bland County
Travis Jackson - Representing Wythe County
Rachel Jones - Representing Wythe County
Kristie Haga - Representing WCC Faculty/Staff
Rodney Halsey - Representing Grayson County
Paul Lindamood - Representing Wythe County
Shirley Pratt - Representing Smyth County




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