Health Professions Request for Application

The submission of this form certifies that all of the conditions outlined below have been met. Once this form is received and admissions has confirmed that you are eligible to apply to the Selective Health Program of your choice, you will be contacted via email with your unique id to access the Health Professions Application. Please make sure that your preferred email is available and working. The submission of this form is in no way an approval of admission into any program of study. By submitting this form, you certify that you have completed the following tasks and have made them available to the Admissions Office at Wytheville Community College. You also agree that you have read and understand the

  1. Completed the Application for Admission to Wytheville Community College
  2. Taken the TEAS Assessment (For RN applicants 45th percentile or higher required)
  3. Requested/provided all college transcripts from former educational institutions to be sent to WCC. Completion of BIO141, ENG111, PSY230, SDV100, PHI220 or 3 CR Humanities Elective are required to be completed prior to application submission for Nursing. (Prior VCCS Transcripts aren’t required)
  4. Requested/provided official copy of high school transcript to verify GPA and completion of high school Biology, Chemistry, Math. High School GPA and completion of certain math courses will allow for direct enrollment into college level English and math. Completion of 1 unit of high school Biology and Chemistry are requirements for admission into Dental Hygiene, Physical Therapy Assistant and Medical Laboratory Technician.
  5. Reviewed all prerequisite courses and other program specific requirements including shadowing hours where applicable for admission into the Selective Health Program of choice and certify completion of those items prior to the application deadline.
If you find that you do not meet the criteria for the Selective Health Program of your choice, please email for additional guidance.