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Deanna Bradberry
Wytheville Community College

WCC Logo 

WCC Logo (long version)

Use of the WCC Logo

The WCC Logo normally refers to the stand-alone mountains graphic used with or without the name “Wytheville Community College.” The WCC Logo may be used in virtually any application in which the official Seal is not appropriate. The WCC Logo should be used liberally in communications and publications for both internal and external markets.

WCC Seal

Wytheville Community College Seal


Use of the WCC Seal

The WCC Seal, which consists of the mountains graphic above the date “1963” and surrounded by the names of the service region counties, is to be used primarily on official documents such as letterhead, degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc.

Distribution of the WCC Seal and the WCC Logo

Both the WCC Seal and the WCC Logo are registered trademarks of Wytheville Community College. Neither the seal nor the logo should be transferred in printed or electronic formats to individuals outside the college unless for the purpose of preparing authorized documents or materials for use by the college. Suspected unauthorized use of the WCC name, the seal or the logo should be reported promptly to the Public Relations Coordinator or the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services.

WCC Official Color

Pantone 208
The official burgundy ink of Wytheville Community College is (Pantone Matching System©) PMS 208. In software specific applications, the following color settings closely match the WCC burgundy:

  • RGB - 139, 35, 70
  • CMYK -  0, 100, 36, 37