File Clerk

Career Studies Certificates
Career Studies Certificate in File Clerk
This career studies certificate is a one semester certificate.

File clerks use a system, usually numerical or alphabetical, to maintain paper or electronic records, including correspondence, receipts, contracts, and invoices, to ensure that information is easy to locate when it’s needed. They organize and file documents, retrieve data, and upload electronic files.

Occupational Objectives

File Clerks work in health care, social services, academia, and various types of professional offices such as law firms. Any organization that generates a large volume of paperwork or electronic documents hires file clerks.


Admission to the Career Studies Certificate program is based upon the general requirements for admission to the college.

First Semester

Course # Course Title Lect. Hrs. Lab Hrs. Credits Transfer
AST 101 1 3 0 3
AST 141 3 0 3
AST 160 1 0 1
AST 234 3 0 3
AST 260 2 0 2
Suggested Credits & Hours for Semester 12 0 12