The complete AWS D1.1 Structural Steel certification course is made up of 80 hours of training.  The focus of the program is to advance the welding skill of each student so that each is prepared to successfully test and certify in the AWS D1.1 structural steel welding code process.  Topics include: Fundamentals of the GMAW processes; Safety; Routine equipment maintenance; Troubleshooting; Preparation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal prior to welding; AWS certification guidelines; Technique and proficiency in the 1-G welding position; and 1-F and 2F welding positions.

Program Statistics

Currently there are approximately 90 jobs annually advertised in our service area for welders and/or occupations related to welding.  Numerous job opportunities are expected for skilled welders.  Local manufacturers continue to cite a shortage of qualified welders with the skill sets necessary to perform to production quality standards or to earn American Welding Society (AWS) credentialing.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of welding, cutting, soldering, and brazing workers is expected to have a 4% growth rate nationally over the 2014-24 period

Salary Range


What Hours Would I Work?

Normal work weeks are 40 hours per week. There is a lot of opportunity for overtime in this field with the shortage of welders that currently exist.

Where Can I Live?

Jobs are available within our service area but with certification, graduates will be able to seek employment throughout the United States.

For more information:

Contact Lisa Lowe at (276) 223-4717  or llowe@wcc.vccs.edu. 

Faculty & Staff

Lisa Lowe
Lisa Lowe
(276) 223-4717
Roger Halsey
Roger Halsey
(276) 744-4975
Eric Fulcher
Eric Fulcher
(276) 744-4981