Office of Public Relations & Public Information

Wytheville Community College (WCC) Office of Public Relations manages all internal and external communications for the College. 

The Public Relations Office is responsible for all press inquiries, press and media releases, social media communications, and all advertising outlets. Any press inquiries should be directed to Deanna Bradberry, Public Relations and Development Coordinator, at (276) 223-4880, or 

WCC's Brand Usage Guide 

Wytheville Community College has developed a Brand Usage Guide that encompasses a refreshed logo design, new office stationery and presentation templates, email signatures, and some refreshed messaging.

WCC's Brand Usage Guide outlines the basic, unified components of the visual brand, as well as current, approved brand messaging. The guide may be used by any college stakeholder, including employees, students, and community members. It is the College's goal to maintain a unified, visual representation of WCC. 

To ensure consistency, the unauthorized use and/or customization of the logos, templates, or messaging is prohibited. Any branded material, print or digital, should be approved by the Public Relations Coordinator before publication. 

Please make yourself familiar with the WCC brand guidelines before using any WCC branded materials. Contact Deanna Bradberry, WCC Public Relations and Development Coordinator, with any questions at (276) 223-4880 or 

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WCC Public Relations Information


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Contact (media, logo usage, press releases, signage)

Deanna Bradberry, Public Relations & Development Coordinator 
Wytheville Community College
(276) 223-4880

WCC Logo 

Use of the WCC Logo

The WCC Logo normally refers to the stand-alone mountains graphic used with or without the name “Wytheville Community College.” The WCC Logo may be used in virtually any application in which the official Seal is not appropriate. The WCC Logo should be used liberally in communications and publications for both internal and external markets.

See the WCC Brand Usage Guide for appropriate use of WCC's logo, fonts, and colors. 


WCC Seal

Wytheville Community College Seal

Use of the WCC Seal

The WCC Seal, which consists of the mountains graphic above the date “1963” and surrounded by the names of the service region counties, is to be used primarily on official documents such as letterhead, degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc.

Distribution of the WCC Seal and the WCC Logo

Both the WCC Seal and the WCC Logo are registered trademarks of Wytheville Community College. Neither the seal nor the logo should be transferred in printed or electronic formats to individuals outside the college unless for the purpose of preparing authorized documents or materials for use by the college. Suspected unauthorized use of the WCC name, the seal or the logo should be reported promptly to the Public Relations Coordinator or the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services.


WCC Official Colors


Approved Color Usage

Applied colors and tints of colors applied to WCC communications components must only be derived from the approved color palette and should remain solid - without gradation, line patterns, rule borders, edge effects, or other distracting and amateurish devices or motifs. 

Unapproved colors should never be applied to any WCC materials unless developed specifically to color code certain programs - such special circumstances must only be handled and approved by leadership and authorized marketing personnel.