• Complete the VA App online at to apply for your VA Benefits.
  • Complete the Admissions Application to Wytheville Community College.
  • Be officially admitted into a degree or an approved certificate program at WCC.
  • Complete all necessary placement testing with WCC.
  • Turn in all college/university transcripts for schools that you have attended previously.
  • Complete the FAFSA online at to apply for financial aid.
  • Turn in a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA and a copy of your DD214 (if applicable) to Lisa Murrell in the Financial Aid Office (Bland Hall – One Stop) before meeting with an advisor/counselor.
  • If transferring benefits from another school, complete a Request for Change of Program/Place of Training form (VA Form 22-1995) to turn in with a copy of your COE and DD214 to Lisa Murrell in the Financial Aid Office (Bland Hall – One Stop) before meeting with an advisor/counselor.
  • Register for classes, that are required for your program of study, with your academic advisor or college counselor
  • Turn in VA Certification Request Form to Lisa Murrell in the Financial Aid Office (Bland Hall One-Stop)
  • Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) Veterans:  A Do Not Drop will be placed on your account to prevent you from being dropped from classes once registered

 I look forward to working with you.

Lisa Murrell
Financial Aid Office/Veterans Affairs Certifying Official
(276) 223-4706
Fax: (276) 223-4807



What information do I need to initiate my benefits?

To initiate veteran benefits students must turn in a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and a copy of their DD214.  Once registered for classes, students must complete and turn in the VA Certification Request Form.

Will I automatically receive benefits next semester?

No.  It is the veteran’s responsibility to notify the VA Certifying Official concerning his/her continued enrollment by completing the VA Certification Request Form each academic semester (including summer sessions).  No veteran’s classes will be certified until this completed form has been turned in to the VA Certifying Official. . It is extremely important to enroll in classes and submit the “Certification Request for VA Educational Benefits” as soon as possible each semester. Students also need to notify their VA Certifying Official of any changes in their schedule, degree/program, and/or address.

Can I enroll in any course I want?

No. All courses taken during a term for which you have been certified for VA benefits must apply towards your degree.  If you are in doubt as to whether certain course(s) are required for your current program of study, please contact your academic advisor or VA Certifying Official immediately as this could affect your VA benefits.  If your assigned faculty advisor has deemed that you can substitute a course for a required course for your program, you must turn in a substitution form singed by both your assigned faculty advisor and dean of the program in which you are enrolled.

Can I repeat a course?

Once a student has received a passing grade of D or better in a course, she/he is typically no longer eligible for VA benefits for repeating that course.

Can development courses be on-line?

Developmental courses are approved for VA training if necessary based on placement test results. Developmental courses can be completed in the classroom onlyThey cannot be taken on-line or in a hybrid section.

Can all of my courses be on-line?

For Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) recipients at least one class must be on-campus to receive the full MHA when full-time.  Hybrid sections do not count.  If you are attending classes at ½ time or less the MHA is not payable.

What is considered full-time?

Twelve credits are considered full-time for Fall/Spring and the classes must run the full session of the term in which you are enrolled.  Full-time for summer depends on which session/sessions you are enrolled in.

How do I purchase my books with my book stipend?

The book stipend for Chapter 33 recipients usually will not be paid to students until after the start of the semester.  It is the student’s responsibility to purchase their books prior to the start of the semester.  Students can apply for financial aid to see if the cost of their books can be covered.

Can I receive Financial Aid with my VA Benefits?

Yes.  However, any grant/scholarship that is specifically for tuition that a VA recipient is awarded is deducted from the tuition amount certified with the VA.

Can I enroll in a PE or Health class?

If you are a dependent of a veteran and a PE or Health class is required for your program then you will be able to enroll in the required class.  If you are a veteran using GI Bill Benefits, based on your service you are given credit for your PE or Health requirement and the VA will not pay for these classes.


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