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Scheduling an Appointment with Navigate


Scheduling an appointment with an advisor has never been easier!  No more calling or trying to track them down!

Follow the instructions below to make an appointment with an advisor or with teaching faculty for course assistance.


Step 1:  Log in to “My.WCC” using Google Chrome. 

Step 2:  Select the Navigate tile          

EAB Navigate Tile

Step 3:  Select Appointments from the left-hand menu, then click on “Schedule an Appointment”

Appointments in EAB Navigate Screenshot - Blue Schedule Appointment Button

Step 4:  Select Advising.

Schedule an appointment reason in EAB Screenshot - Advising option selected

Step 5: Select the service category. 

 Pick a service category in EAB screenshot - Office Hours - Faculty Advisors selected

Step 6:  For Office Hours-Faculty Advisors and Project AIM-Advising, there is only one option for “Pick a Service for Your Appointment;” Student Services-1 Stop has several options.

1 stop EAB screenshot - 1 stop advising option selected with service options shown

Step 7:  Choose a location.

Choosing a location in EAB Navigate screenshot - WCC at Wytheville selected

Step 8:  Click on available AM or PM boxes to view times available.  Click on time of your choice.

 EAB NAvigate time slot selection - available time jan 16 selected

Step 9:  Add comments to let your advisor know why the appointment is being scheduled.

Confirm appointment in EAB - confirmation page with options for reminder by text or email

 Step 10:  Confirm the appointment.  You and the selected advisor will receive a confirmation email.


If you have any questions, please contact WCC's Onboarding Specialist Karen Hawkins at (276) 223-4758 or email at khawkins@wcc.vccs.edu



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