The Learning Resource Center in Smyth Hall is now available for use by students who are registered during the current semester to attend Wytheville Community College.

Days and Hours of Use

The LRC will be open for student use—by appointment only—Mondays through Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The LRC will be closed Fridays and on weekends, as well as recognized holidays and whenever the college is closed due to inclement weather.


A student may request one (1) three-hour appointment on any given day, on a first-come, first-served basis, contingent upon the availability of space due to capacity restrictions. Appointments must be made 24-hours in advance of the requested appointment time. Appointments may be made using a convenient web form.

LRC Reservation Request

A student should ensure that LRC staff know their needs, i.e.: space for study only or use of student’s own computing devices; use of a college computer for general computing or study needs; use of a computer with Respondus LockDown Browser for specific testing purposes; or use of a collaborative space accommodating up to four students for small group study/work. If testing is required, students should make their appointments early enough in the morning or the afternoon to allow sufficient time for completion of their test before the LRC closes. Also, students are asked to notify the LRC if you are unable to keep an appointment.

Restrictions and Procedures

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, specific restrictions and requirements are in place and must be adhered to by all students who use the LRC. Students must  acknowledging these restrictions and requirements (Student Use Agreement is found below) prior to using the LRC.

Students are encouraged to arrive at the Smyth Hall parking lot entrance up to 10 minutes early to gain access to the building. Students with reservations can call the LRC at 276-223-4805 upon arrival. Also, signage will be posted on the doors with instructions for contacting LRC personnel.


The safety of WCC’s students and staff is one of the college’s highest priorities, therefore the continuous wearing of face coverings that cover both the student’s nose and mouth and proper social distancing will be required during the entire time a student is inside the LRC or Smyth Hall. All students must agree to this provision in writing before being allowed to use the LRC. These rules are necessary for your protection as well as the protection of other students and LRC staff. Please see the Student Usage Form for more details.


Student Use Agreement

Wytheville Community College is pleased to make the Learning Resource Center in Smyth Hall available—on a limited basis and with specific COVID-19 restrictions. All students are required, without exception, to adhere to the specific rules and procedures outlined below in order to make use of LRC facilities. The safety of both WCC students and staff during the current pandemic is the college’s priority.

A student desiring to use the LRC for study, general computer use, or computer-based testing, agrees to the following restrictions:

· An acceptable face covering in the form of a mask that covers both the student’s nose and mouth must be worn at all times while in the LRC and inside Smyth Hall. A plastic face shield may be worn, but a mask that covers both the student’s nose and mouth is still required to be worn at all times. Students who refuse to wear a face covering and maintain social distancing while in the LRC will be required to leave the premises. Hand sanitizer will be provided by the college for student use in the LRC and Smyth Hall.

· Furniture for student use has been pre-positioned to allow for proper social distancing and may not be moved by the user. All students must maintain at least six feet of social distance from other students and staff in the LRC at all times.

· Students will be assigned to a specific space during their time in the LRC. Students agree to limit their activities to their assigned space only. Group study is ONLY allowed in the Collaborative Space for up to 4 students. Students may make appointments only for themselves and not for other students. Students may not bring their children or pets into the LRC.

· The LRC will be available for student use by appointment only. Appointments must be made at least 24-hours in advance of the time of requested usage. Appointments may be made via a web form, email, or by telephone. At the time the appointment is made, the student must state whether or not a computer is needed and if the student needs to complete any online computer testing, especially testing that requires the use of a lock-down browser. Power outlets are available for students who desire to use their own computing devices or to charge their devices with their own charging equipment.

· The LRC will be available for appointments Mondays through Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., unless the college is closed for a holiday or due to inclement weather. The LRC will remain closed on Fridays and on weekends. Students should arrive no more than 5-10 minutes before their scheduled appointments. LRC staff will admit students to Smyth Hall from the front doors near the two flag poles.

· Appointments will be limited to one three-hour period on any given day. If a student leaves the library for any period of time (other than to use the restroom, retrieve something from his or her vehicle, make a phone call, or consume a drink or snack outside, etc.) a return to the library will require the making of another appointment. Students should inform LRC staff when they have finished their work and are leaving for the day or if they are leaving for only a short time and will return soon. Students who have reached the limit of their three-hour appointment are expected to leave on their own, regardless of whether the LRC has reached its capacity limit.

· Neither food nor drinks may be consumed in the LRC. Smoking is allowed only outside the building and not near any of the building’s entrances. Cell phone calls may not be made from inside the LRC. Students are asked to make cell phone calls from the Smyth Hall lobby in order not to disturb other students. The LRC will not provide headphones for student use, due to problems with sanitizing the equipment after use.

· No materials may be checked out of the LRC at this time. Convenience copying may be limited or unavailable depending on staffing. Students may print from college computers and documents will be placed for pickup at the front of the LRC. Printing from student devices must utilize the college’s webform for student printing and, if staff is available to handle the print request, may be picked up at the front of the LRC.

*** Please notify the LRC ( or 276-223-4805) if you are unable to keep your appointment. ***


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