WCC's mission is to educate students. The demand for an affordable, quality higher education that prepares individuals for jobs and further education continues to increase. Investing in WCC helps to support educational excellence. Many students trying to reach their educational dreams must juggle the demands of their work responsibilities, family life, and coursework. WCC believes that these students deserve our best.  The WCC Educational Foundation directly supports the mission of WCC by assisting students and promoting the work of the college.

Student Scholarships — This year, 800 students applied for the 100 scholarships available through the Foundation.  Clearly, the need for scholarships is great, as more than 60 percent of WCC students have documented financial need. The strengthening of our scholarship program will provide opportunities for higher education to more individuals, creating a stronger workforce for our business community. Your gifts for scholarships truly change students’ lives.  

Curriculum Development and Enhancement — The academic programs of WCC must meet ever-changing needs of the workplace. Preparing graduates to enter the workforce of our region demands careful and frequent assessment of our academic program offerings. As technology and global competitiveness change the environment of business and manufacturing, WCC must have the resources available to modify existing programs and create new ones that are responsive to the needs of our students and our communities.

Campus Grounds and Facilities Development — Only those expenses related to the maintenance of grounds within ten feet of an existing building can be covered by State funds. For the benefit of WCC students and the surrounding communities, WCC continues its efforts to improve and enhance the Al Jennings Athletic Fields and the appearance of its grounds. The hiking/biking/walking trail surrounding campus was provided through a generous grant from the Wythe-Bland Foundation.  Funds received from the family of Dr. and Mrs. W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr. helped complete the Chitwood Nursing Laboratory in Fincastle Hall, and The William F. Snyder Auditorium was dedicated in 2011.

Special Instructional Equipment and Materials — The college's ability to prepare students for employment and further education, as well as our ability to serve the community, depends on acquiring and maintaining instruction and administrative equipment and technology. 

Professional Development – Professional development funds enable faculty to keep current in their fields, enhance their teaching techniques, and explore new methodologies. Staff members will also remain current with technological innovations and applications.  Finally, these funds will ensure that our students receive the education that they deserve — an education provided by renewed and enthused professionals who possess the skills that give students the opportunity to excel for themselves and their employers.

Unrestricted Funds — State support covers only the basic operational expenses of our college.  Resources from the State are simply not available to address ongoing needs and innovative, state-of-the-art learning environments. Unrestricted contributions allow the Foundation to react to the immediate and critical needs of the college as they arise. 


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