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Usage of College Facilities

Overview: WCC makes its facilities available to non-profit groups and government agencies for meetings, seminars, and training events based on the college's established policies. The college does not rent its facilities. Also, due to limited staffing personnel, WCC cannot offer the same amenities as other facilities that rent to the public for similar events. That stated, WCC welcomes non-profit and government agencies who are seeking the use of campus facilities for approved purposes. Please note that WCC's classes and college-related events take precedence when assigning rooms and meeting spaces for outside groups. Also, non-WCC groups may be required to provide their own security for events held on campus.

Representatives of community and governmental agencies should contact Jane Mitchell at (276) 223-4820 or  jmitchell@wcc.vccs.edu or Amanda Pauley at (276)223-4766 or apauley@wcc.vccs.edu to request the use of WCC facilities.

Usage of College Equipment

General Information

Non-College Groups (External)

Wytheville Community College has a variety of equipment which may be used in conjunction with its facilities. Audio-visual equipment can be scheduled at the time facility arrangements are made. Business machines, laboratory equipment, machine shop equipment, maintenance tools and equipment, the offset press, and office copiers are not available for usage by the public. A commercial copier is available for public use in the library during hours of operation.

College-owned equipment, other than those items precluded in the previous paragraph, may be made available for use by individuals or groups not related to the college through a special loan procedure. Decisions about equipment & resources for loan will be made by the Facilities Coordinator or designee, or individual with responsibility for the equipment being used as indicated below:


Person Responsible

Student Services

Renee Thomas
(276) 223-4752

Financial and Administrative Services

David Dickens
(276) 223-4774

Workforce, Continuing Education, and Occupational Programs

Perry Hughes
(276) 223-4757

Arts, Sciences, and Health Programs

Jacob Surratt
(276) 223-4729

Audio-Visual Services

(276) 223-4746

An Audio-Visual Equipment Request Form (See Appendix), which describes the responsi­bilities of the borrower, will be signed by the person making the request or taking possession of the audio-visual equipment item(s).

Certain equipment will not be loaned to individuals and groups unrelated to the college because of its value, heavy college-related demands, need for supervised usage, or potential liability of the college.

No fees will be charged for approved equipment loans to non-college related individuals and groups unless otherwise indicated. Private/for-profit organizations will be encouraged to make a donation to the WCC Educational Foundation to support the costs of audio-visual services provided by the college.

Use of Audio-Visual Equipment by Private Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities sponsoring courses at WCC facilities may use college-owned audio­visual equipment. The college/university should arrange for use of audio-visual equipment by direct contact with the WCC Audio-Visual Department. Equipment will be provided based on availability, and a usage fee will be charged. Sponsoring colleges/universities may exercise the option of temporarily locating their own equipment on campus. However, WCC accepts no responsibility for any audio-visual equipment placed on campus by a private college/university.

Charges for AV Equipment Use by Private Colleges/Universities

Use of WCC audio-visual equipment will be charged on a per-hour basis. The per-hour figure is calculated by referring to the depreciation chart of each unit, breaking it down to a per-hour amount over the serviceable life of the unit. A per-hour cost of bulb replacement is added to the amount charged for projector use. Four-year colleges/universities will be billed for the use of audio-­visual equipment based on the per-hour charge multiplied by the number of classroom hours of usage. Fees collected for this equipment will be deposited in the audio-visual supply budget to support the repair and replacement of AV equipment and parts.

Fee Schedule:
(All charges based on per night usage for one 4-hour class.)



Overhead Projector on cart delivered to room


Scheduling of video media (VHS, DVD, etc)

no charge

35mm Slide Projector on cart delivered to room


Off-Campus Use of Audio-Visual Equipment

Audio-visual equipment may be used off campus only by qualified local government, civic, and public institutions. Exceptions for local business on certain types of equipment and for certain reasons will be made on a case-by-case basis.

No equipment with an inventory value in excess of $650.00 will be loaned off campus. Only college related functions will be exempted and only then if equipment is supervised by Audio-Visual Department personnel.

Equipment request forms must be completed for off-campus use of audio-visual equipment. The person making the pickup of equipment and signing the request form will be responsible for the item and any costs, replacement, or repair if the item is damaged, lost, or stolen. Responsibility for the item is transferred to the requestor upon pickup and is not released until the item is properly checked back into the Audio-Visual Department.

Items for off-campus use must be requested directly from the Audio-Visual Supervisor and picked up in the Audio-Visual Department only, weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., when the college is in operation.


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