WCC Health Professions Admissions Deadline February 17

Health Professions selective admissions deadline is February 17 for students wishing to be admitted into WCC health programs. The current application is for admission into Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Medical Laboratory Technician programs for the 2020-2021 academic year.

WCC selective admissions is required when seeking admission into Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Medical Laboratory Technician programs. To be considered for selective admissions program, the student must first complete the general WCC college application, as well as the selective admissions application available on the WCC website. If students have attended any college other than any Virginia Community College, they will be required to submit official transcripts to WCC’s admissions office. Appropriate Test of Essential Academic Skill (TEAS) will also need to be taken before the February 17th admissions date. Students may also be required to complete Virginia Placement Tests (VPT) or developmental or prerequisite courses before the admissions deadline. Dental Hygiene and Physical Therapist Assistant programs also require observation or shadowing hours within the appropriate medical field.

Medical Laboratory Technician only admits a cohort of students every 2 years and will determine admission this year for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The WCC Admissions Office will review submitted application materials to determine if candidates meet minimum requirements to be eligible for student’s selected program. Eligibility requirements can be found on the WCC website at www.wcc.vccs.edu/health-professions. Some program may require a pre-admission interview and will send a letter to notify students of interview time and date. Those that meet minimum eligibility requirements will be reviewed by health program department heads and scored based on discipline specific criteria. Applicants will receive a letter of admission status. Admissions status can be either selected, alternate, or not selected. Those that are not selected for admission, who do not receive a slot, or who decline a slot are welcome to reapply for the following academic year.

For additional information, prospective students may contact the WCC Admissions Office at admissions@wcc.vccs.edu or (276)223-4701.



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