Spring 22 Pre-registration begins Monday, October 18th

The last day to withdraw from 16 week classes for fall term is October 28th.

Application deadline to graduate in Fall is November 1.

Spring 2022 classes begin January 10, 2022

The following offices are here to help you.  If you need assistance, please contact the following:

Tuition Payment Information             

Admissions and Registration

  • Spring Registration begins October 18th.    You can contact an advisor through AskWCC chat. You may contact admissions at 276-223-4701, 276-223-4760 or email admissions@wcc.vccs.edu for application questions, registration information, or transcript information.  

Registration Assistance

The following Student Services advisors can assist you with class registration.  New students should contact Student Services 1Stop advisors or visit the WCC chat on the webpage if they have questions regarding college resources, advising, or counseling. 

Financial Aid and Veterans

  • Please work with an advisor when registering each semester to make sure all classes are part of your program. 
  • Please check your student email and your To-Do list in SIS for financial aid information. 
  • Please remember the check out the webpage at https://www.wcc.vccs.edu/financial-aid or visit the Support Center.

Financial Aid for Spring 2022

  • Students should have completed the 21-22 FAFSA for Spring semester. 
  • Tuition for the Spring is due December 15th.  Any student who has not completed the FAFSA and does not have a complete financial aid file by that date will be dropped from classes.
  • Bookstore charges open on January 3rd.  You must have a complete financial aid file to purchase textbooks.


WCC Bookstore

  • Operating Hours - January 2022

o   Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Tutoring information is available at https://www.wcc.vccs.edu/remote-tutoring  or by email at tutoring@wcc.vccs.edu.  We are scheduling tutoring appointments through ZOOM. 

For additional information, please contact Renee Thomas, Dean of Student Success and Academic Advancement at 276-223-4752.



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