Wytheville Community College to Freeze Tuition Rates for Fifth Consecutive Year

    Tuition costs at Wytheville Community College (WCC) will not increase for the 2022-2023 academic calendar year, making this the fifth consecutive year that tuition rates have remained the same. 

     The State Board for Virginia Community Colleges met on July 21, 2022, and voted to freeze tuition for students. Due to reasonable tuition rates, financial aid, and four free tuition scholarship opportunities, many WCC students can attend college for little or zero cost, eliminating almost all potential student debt.

     One of the students who is benefitting from the affordability of community college is Joshua Henley of Rural Retreat. Henley, who is eighteen years old, completed General Studies requirements through WCC’s Dual Enrollment Program, and thanks to the Wythe-Bland Foundation Scholarship, he is currently working toward an Associate of Arts & Sciences degree in Science, with a Specialization in Engineering. Textbooks have been Josh’s main expense so far. This is the story of many who attend WCC and take advantage of financial aid and scholarship opportunities.    

     WCC Dual Enrollment students do not incur fees for courses taken while in they are in high school, and Josh is now eligible for the Wythe-Bland Foundation Scholarship which covers his last-dollar tuition costs to complete the specialization in Engineering. “WCC’s Dual Enrollment program helped me complete my general studies requirements while attending high school,” Henley stated. “I am grateful to the Wythe-Bland Foundation and those at WCC who helped me receive the Wythe-Bland Foundation Scholarship that enables me to continue working toward my goal.”   

     Thanks to the Twin County Community Foundation, students from Carroll County, Grayson County, and the City of Galax who complete high school with a minimum “B” average may also be eligible for last-dollar tuition scholarships.

     Rachel Hall graduated from Carroll County High School where she also took dual enrollment courses, and she is currently enrolled at WCC. She says of her experience at WCC, “I chose to further my education through Wytheville Community College because it allows me to achieve my goals in life while having the ability to stay local and to stay involved in my community. I am grateful that I was awarded a scholarship by the Twin County Community Foundation that will help me pursue those goals.”  

     Also, many WCC students are eligible for the “G3: Get Skilled, Get a Job, Get Ahead” tuition assistance program. The program helps any Virginia resident who qualifies for in-state financial aid and whose family’s income falls under an identified threshold. Some programs such as Healthcare, Information Technology, Public Safety, and Skilled Trade are covered under this “last dollar” program. A “last dollar” program, such as G3, covers any costs associated with college after other financial aid and scholarships have been taken into consideration. G3 assists students to make up any difference to bring their total out-of-pocket costs to zero.

Next year, Wytheville Community College will celebrate sixty years of helping community members receive training and education that they need to either stay in our community to work and contribute, or transfer to a four-year institution and complete a bachelor’s degree.

     WCC classes for the Fall semester begin August 22, 2022, and anyone interested in a program at WCC should contact an academic counselor at (276) 223-4825.

“We are excited to see our students on campus this fall,” says Dr. Dean Sprinkle, President of WCC. “WCC is committed to helping interested students register for the Fall Semester, and find all available resources for financial aid and scholarships.”    





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