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Monday, August 12, 2019 to Friday, September 6, 2019
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Fall book charges are August 12 through September 6.  These dates are for students who are receiving financial aid, scholarships or Trade Act (dislocated workers). 

  • Students should check the To-Do list in their Student Center in SIS to complete any outstanding financial aid items. 
  • Bookstore authorizations for students receiving financial aid will show under the To-Do list.  To complete the item, just click on the Authorization, read over and submit.  This acknowledges that if funds are available for the student, appropriate books will be charged against the student’s financial aid.
  • A student must have a copy of their class schedule and student ID when going to the Bookstore to purchase textbooks.
  • Students who are paying out of pocket can purchase textbooks at any time.   
  • If a student is going to rent a textbook, they must have the credit/debit card and proper identification to rent.  No pre-pay cards accepted for textbook rentals.
  • To return or exchange textbooks, a receipt is required and textbooks must be in same condition as when purchased within the published deadlines.


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