Distinguished Service Awards Program

The Distinguished Service Awards Program, which includes the Distinguished Teaching Award and the Distinguished Service Award, was established by Nathaniel W. Pendleton, Jr. in memory of his father, Nathaniel Willis Pendleton, Sr., to recognize and encourage excellence in teaching and service at Wytheville Community College. Nathaniel Willis Pendleton was Wythe County’s representative in the Virginia House of Delegates, who, together with State Senator D. Woodrow Bird, introduced the necessary enabling bills in the 1962 General Assembly to establish WCC and appropriate its operating funds.

 The initial endowment came from the Pendleton Construction Corporation Foundation with subsequent additions being made by members of Delegate Pendleton’s family.

2023 DSA Nomination Form
Previous Award Recipients

Distinguished Teaching Award

Any WCC full-time or part-time teaching faculty member is eligible for the Distinguished Teaching Award.

Criteria for Nomination and Selection

Qualities that determine excellence in teaching vary with individuals and areas of instruction.  Although the qualities may resist precise definition, the Awards Committee will require a written statement in justification of a nomination.  This statement should give consideration to such qualities as the ability to inspire students to perform beyond normal expectations; responsiveness to needs within and outside the class; contributions to improving the intellectual climate of WCC; and the individual’s depth and breadth of expertise, sensitivity, enthusiasm, and dedication.

It is expected that emphasis will be placed on performance in the traditional classroom setting, but other aspects of teaching should not be ignored.  Nominations should also consider the degree to which a nominee stands unique and distinguished in the eyes of students and the WCC community.

Distinguished Service Award

Any current or past employee of WCC, Local Board member, Foundation Board member, alumnus, advisory committee members, or otherwise friend of Wytheville Community College, except if employed by the WCC Educational Foundation or the alumni agencies, is eligible for the Distinguished Service Award.

Criteria for Nomination and Selection

The Distinguished Service Award is designed to recognize members of the WCC community who have given the College exceptional service, other than teaching, in a manner that is beyond the normal expectations and above specific monetary compensation. This award is intended to recognize outstanding individuals who have given to the enduring life of the College in unique and exemplary ways.

A recipient might, for example, be an advisor to a student activity or organization; a chair or member of a particularly active and successful College committee; or one who has made an extraordinary contribution to the life of the College.

Those who have brought positive statewide or national attention to the College are also likely candidates.  In all cases, the nominee should be distinguished in the endeavor.

Nominations require a written statement setting forth the ways in which the nominee has rendered distinguished service.  The statement should consider the success of the individual’s service and that of any activity, organization, or committee guided by the nominee; extraordinary effort and time on the part of the nominee; or success in originating and developing an activity or facility which has been of benefit to the College community.  Nominations should also consider the degree to which a nominee stands unique and distinguished in the life of WCC.

Award Prizes

Both awards carry a cash prize and a plaque.  In addition, the winner of the teaching award is provided with a fund to be spent at the discretion of the recipient in the area of personal academic enhancement.

Eligibility, Nomination, and Selection Procedure

Only under the most unusual circumstances would there be more than one recipient in each category in one year.  Although no one person may receive both the teaching and service awards in the same year, there is no restriction on renewal of eligibility for either award.

Neither the Distinguished Teaching Award nor the Distinguished Service Award will be given posthumously.

Any member of the WCC community is encouraged to submit nominations for the Distinguished Teaching and the Distinguished Service Awards.  Nomination forms should be completed and returned to the WCC Educational Foundation’s Office by February 10, 2023.  Nominees will be screened by a WCC Awards Committee, which will recommend potential recipients to the College President, who will present these nominees, along with his/her recommendations, to the WCC Local Board.  Final selections will be made by the Local Board. 

The announcement and formal presentation of awards will be made at the annual WCC Honors Convocation or at an appropriate public gathering.  Since the awards are special ones, they are not automatically given each year.

Award Information and Nomination Forms:

* Anyone may make a nomination for this award.

Official nomination forms are available by writing or calling the WCC Educational Foundation of Wytheville Community College, 1000 East Main Street, Wytheville, Virginia 24382, (276) 223-4771, or (Smyth Hall 1476) or via email at foundation@wcc.vccs.edu.

Wytheville Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, political affiliation, genetics, veteran status, or disability when the person is otherwise qualified in its educational programs and activities or employment.