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Why the CRC?

Bridging the gap between an employee's existing skills and those required on the job can be costly and time-consuming. The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) provides employers and job candidates with a measurement tool for assessing workplace skills to match the RIGHT PEOPLE in the RIGHT JOBS.

About the CRC

The CRC is a clear standardized tool to assess the competencies of potential and current employees in the workplace skills areas of:

  1. Reading for Information
  2. Applied Mathematics
  3. Locating Information

The Employer Benefit

Today's search for qualified applicants can be difficult. Businesses and organizations - large and small, have to determine the value of potential candidates and current employees.
The CRC can assist employers and trainers to:

  1. Decrease turnover, overtime and waste
  2. Take the "guesswork" out of the selection process
  3. Identify gaps between student skills and employment needs
  4. Meet ISO 9000 standards
  5. Gain more efficiency from your training practices
  6. Improve participants' success and increase the bottom line.

The CRC has gained wide acceptance in the business and economic development communities nationwide. The CRC is endorsed by the Governor of Virginia as a statewide workforce credential.

Ask for the CRC when placing job announcements or as an addition to staff professional development plans.

The Employee Benefit

This recognized credential can distinguish and certify your skills in the job market and proves to an employer that you possess what it takes to be successful. The CRC is a portable and transferable credential and can be presented across industries and businesses.

The assessments also allow individuals to look closely at skill areas for improvement and evaluate training needs.

The CRC is a great supplement to diplomas and college degrees. Career seekers and current employees can use the CRC to affirm that they can be successful and grow in many jobs.


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