About the Program

Purpose: To provide academically enriching opportunities to students identified as gifted that are not usually available in area schools, while earning college credit.

Eligibility: Students who have been identified as gifted by their school system and who are currently enrolled in grades 9, 10, and 11.

Courses: Students will take a three-credit college course.  The course will be in person during the week-long program with online pre-course work and a required virtual orientation that will be completed the week prior.

Credit: Three semester college credits will be earned for the course successfully completed which may count as elective transfer credit at the discretion of the transferring colleges.

Cost: Tuition is provided at no cost. Lunch is provided by Wythe County Public School Federal Summer Lunch Program USDA at no cost to students.

Application: Applications and additional information is available from your high school counselor. 

Selection: Application does not guarantee acceptance. The Governor's School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, or color. The program will be offered based on funding.

Attendance: Students are required to attend the entire class day of the in person program held the third week in July. Students are also required to attend a virtual course orientation session and complete pre-course work online the second week of July. In addition, the final student program, which is held the last day of the in person program, in the Snyder Auditorium at Wytheville Community College, is considered part of the course requirements.

Transportation: Buses may be available to students from Carroll, Galax, Grayson, and Smyth counties; students may provide their own transportation at their own expense.