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Workforce Development - WCC Main Campus

1000 East Main Street
205 Grayson Hall
Wytheville, VA 24382
Main Number: 276-223-4763  

Perry Hughes, Director of Workforce Development
(276) 223-4757

Photo of Perry Hughes

Brinda Browning, Administrative Assistant
(276) 223-4712

Photo of Brinda Browning

Vicki Delp, Grants Coordinator
(276) 223-4871

Photo of Vicki Delp

Roger Halsey, Program Manager
(276) 223-4113

Photo of Roger Halsey

Naomi King, AHA / Nurse Aide Coordinator
(276) 223-4856

Photo of Naomi King

Keith Litz, Environmental Energy
Specialist, MTC
(276) 223-4858

Photo of Keith Litz

Lisa Lowe, Administrative Assistant
(276) 223-4867

Photo of Lisa Lowe

Jane Mitchell, Education Support Specialist
(276) 223-4820

 Photo of Jane Mitchell

Vicki Marrs, On-Ramp Coordinator
(276) 223-4717

Photo of Vicki Marrs

Linda Newman, Administrative Assistant
(276) 223-4736

Photo of Lisa Newman 

Nelson Teed, Director of Manufacturing
Technology Center
(276) 223-4889

Photo of Nelson Teed 

Shawn Wildman, Senior Project
Engineer - MTC
(540) 674-3600

Photo of Shawn Wildman



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