WCC Improvement of Instruction Award

The “WCC Improvement of Instruction Award” was established on October 20, 1982, through a gift to the WCC Educational Foundation from Dr. and Mrs. Leonard F. O’Hara.  The award recognizes notable contributions to the improvement of instruction at Wytheville Community College.  Its intent is to honor a full-time employee of Wytheville Community College who holds faculty rank or is a community college instructional assistant.  The annual award will be in the form of a cash gift and a certificate suitable for framing. 

Those wishing to nominate a faculty member for the Improvement of Instruction Award should complete the nomination form below (a list of previous recipientsis also included):

*Only current full-time WCC employees may make a nomination for this award.

WCC Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year Award

This award honors individuals who have made “notable contributions to the improvement of instruction” while working as an adjunct faculty member for WCC.  The intent of the award, when given, is to recognize efforts to improve the quality of instruction and is not directed toward naming an “outstanding teacher.”  Only those activities directly related to improving instruction should be considered when making nominations.  Contributions to other measures of academic excellence should not be considered in the nomination process for this award.  The person selected each year the award is given will receive a recognition plaque.

Procedures for Nomination and Selection of the WCC Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member Award

1.  An adjunct faculty member will be selected and honored each year with an award called Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year Award.
2.  Nominations may be made by any full-time or part-time college employee or by students.
3.  Nominees must be in at least their second semester of teaching credit courses at the time of nomination and must have taught an accumulated six (6) credits at the college to include the second semester of teaching.  (Retired full-time college faculty are not eligible for consideration.)
4.  Letters of nomination must address the following points: 1)Identify your relationship to nominee (Co-worker, supervisor, student, etc.); 2) Illustrate special ways nominee promotes student learning; 3) Describe why you feel your nominee should be selected as the outstanding adjunct faculty member.
5.  Selection will be based upon job performance:  student evaluations; special contributions of time, effort, and creativity to student learning; exemplary human relations skills; community involvement; and participation in professional development activities.
6.  No individual selected will be eligible for reselection within three (3) years following receipt of the award.
7.  The WCC Awards Committee will review the nominations and select a recipient.  Because the award is one of special recognition, the award is not automatically given each year.

**Only current full-time and part-time WCC employees and students may make a nomination for this award.

Official nomination forms are available at the link above or by contacting the WCC Educational Foundation of Wytheville Community College, 1000 East Main Street, Wytheville, Virginia 24382, (276) 223-4771, or toll-free (in VA only), 1-800-468-1995 (TDD) or emailing at foundation@wcc.vccs.edu.