WCC4ME is designed to help students succeed in online classes. Here is a profile of one successful student:

Victory the Wildcat with WCC staff members

What characteristics and strengths are needed for successful online learning?

Vic “I found I needed to be organized, inquisitive, and responsive.”- Vic 

What personal weaknesses would keep you from being successful in online courses?

Vic “ I am a notorious procrastinator! I would always wait until the last minute to complete assignments.”- Vic 

What resources are available to support identified as a barrier to their success in the online learning environment?

Vic “ I found everything I needed in the ARC. Student services got me on the right foot and WCC4ME helped me succeed!”- Vic 

What did you find most helpful in the SDV 100 course?

Vic “ SDV 100 taught me to overcome my weaknesses and helped me connect with my advisor.”- Vic 


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