Career and Technical Studies


Construction Technology Diploma, Plumbing Track


Five Semesters


A shortage of qualified plumbers, residential and commercial, and workers in the plumbing trades has created the need for trained personnel in the construction industry. The Construction Technology Plumbing Diploma track is designed for those seeking entry level employment in the Plumbing Trades and is a pathway to Virginia Tradesman Licensure. Successful completion of the two year Construction Technology
Plumbing Diploma meets eligibility requirements for those seeking Virginia Tradesman Licensure. In addition, a minimum of two years of documented work experience in the trade is required for licensure. The Plumbing Diploma (including the integrated Plumbing Trades Career Studies Certificate) provides training based on the current Virginia adoption of the Plumbing code. In addition, the track provides training and a pathway that can lead to a number of construction related credentials including Contractor Licensure, and OSHA 10-30 Construction Industry Safety Training.

Occupational Objectives: 

Journeyman Plumbing Tradesman
Entry Level Plumber Helper
Entry Level Plumbing Trades Worker

Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements established for the college, entry into the Construction Technology Diploma Program requires competency in English ENF 1 and Math Essentials MTE 1-3 as demonstrated through the placement and diagnostic tests, or by satisfactorily completing the required ENF or MTE units or equivalent.

First Year

First Semester

Course Number Course Title Lect. Hrs. Lab Hrs. Course Cr.
BLD 110 Introduction to Construction 3 0 3
BLD 140*

Diploma completion will count for two years toward licensure.

Principles of Plumbing Trade I 3 0 3
BLD 141* Principles of Plumbing Trade II 3 0 3
BLD 215 OSHA 30 Construction Safety 2 0 2
BLD 195* Topics in Plumbing 3 0 3
AIR 121* Air Conditioning and Refrigeration I 2 3 3
Suggested Credits & Hours for Semester 16 3 17

Second Semester

Course Number Course Title Lect. Hrs. Lab Hrs. Course Cr.
BLD 111 Blueprint Reading and the Building Code 2 2 3
BLD 142* Principles of Plumbing Trade III 3 0 3
BLD 143* Plumbing and Blueprint Reading 3 0 3
BLD 144* Plumbing Code and Certification Preparation 3 0 3
BLD 190* Coordinated Internship 0 3 3
BLD 200 Sustainable Construction 2 0 2
Suggested Credits & Hours for Semester 13 5 17
Second Year

Third Semester

Course Number Course Title Lect. Hrs. Lab Hrs. Course Cr.
BLD 101 Construction Management I 3 0 3
ENE 105 Solar Thermal Active and Passive Technology 3 3 4
IND 137 Team Concepts & Problem Solving 3
ENG 115 Technical Writing 3
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1 0 1
Suggested Credits & Hours for Semester 7 3 14

Fourth Semester

Course Number Course Title Lect. Hrs. Lab Hrs. Course Cr.
BLD 290 Coordinated Internship
or 0 9 3
BLD 298 Seminar and Project
ENG 111 College Composition I 3 0 3
ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts 3 0 3
MTH 111 Basic Technical Math 3 0 3
Suggested Credits & Hours for Semester 9 9 12


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