Our Vision

Wytheville Community College will be a recognized educational leader and partner, with student learning and teaching excellence being our highest priorities.

We will advance these priorities by committing ourselves to unsurpassed student service, support, and satisfaction and to personal and professional employee growth.

As a community partner, we will share resources to provide opportunities for lifelong learning, cultural enrichment, and economic advancement in our region.

Our Values

The mission of the college is: "Wytheville Community College is committed to providing access to lifelong learning within an environment of academic excellence."  WCC’s commitment to that mission and to the community it serves is anchored in the values shared by the students, staff, faculty, administration, and College Board. These individuals, by becoming a part of the college community, obligate themselves to act in a manner consistent with those shared values and their associated commitments. The WCC college community values:

Quality Education And Performance

The heart of the college is teaching and learning; both require quality programs and services and are dependent upon quality performance. Therefore, the college is committed to:

  • providing comprehensive educational programs.
  • providing high quality academic advising, guidance, counseling, career awareness and selection, and placement assistance.
  • providing resources necessary for quality teaching and learning.
  • employing dedicated, qualified staff, faculty, and administration.
  • creating an environment conducive to scholarly activity.
  • providing opportunities for personal and professional development for persons in all circumstances.
  • encouraging the free interchange of ideas, beliefs, and cultures.
  • establishing assessment activities which assure improvement in institutional effectiveness.
  • encouraging staff, faculty, and administration to serve as role models in the college, the community, and the professions.
  • offering comprehensive programs which integrate liberal arts and technology education.
  • recognizing outstanding achievement.

Building Of Community

The college firmly believes that a community is more than just a region to be served. It is also a climate to be fostered which, in its broadest and best sense, encompasses a concern for the whole. To advocate "community" the college must itself be a model. Therefore, the college is committed to

  • working together in a collaborative atmosphere.
  • offering itself as a resource for educational, civic, and cultural renewal.
  • emphasizing in its programming the aspects of the mission that most clearly reflect the needs of the local service region.
  • concentrating on strategies of inclusiveness.


A distinct advantage of Wytheville Community College is open access to higher education. Therefore, the college is committed to

  • providing equal opportunity for all races, ages, genders, and stations in life.
  • providing a comprehensive financial assistance program.
  • creating an environment which recognizes and values diversity.
  • maintaining student support services to assist students in meeting their educational and personal goals.
  • creating appropriate role models through affirmative action and employment programs.

Community Partnerships

The college recognizes its role as an integral part of the community. Therefore, the college is committed to

  • cooperating with other educational entities to provide comprehensive educational opportunities.
  • providing educational and training programs that are responsive to the needs of business and industry.
  • supporting local and regional economic development.
  • joining with other organizations to offer a variety of enrichment and cultural activities for the community as a whole.

Public Trust

To merit the trust of the public which it serves, the college is committed to

  • practicing high ethical standards.
  • demonstrating high standards of professional conduct.
  • accounting for and reporting on its performance to the public.
  • being sensitive to public reactions to its programs and services.
  • encouraging participation and involvement of college personnel in civic, cultural, and community affairs.

The Worth, Dignity and Potential of Individuals

The success of the college in meeting its mission depends upon the success of each individual. Therefore, the college is committed to

  • creating an environment which encourages all individuals to realize their potential.
  • developing in students, staff, faculty, administrators, and the community an awareness and appreciation of current social, cultural, ethical, and interpersonal issues.
  • recognizing that our human resources (administration, staff, and faculty) are the most important assets of the college.
  • recognizing that diversity of the faculty, staff, and student body, as well as the student program, is a strength, not a burden.
  • demonstrating respect and concern for the rights, privileges, and property of others, regardless of race, gender, or social condition.
  • maintaining a friendly, caring and respectful environment for all individuals associated with the college.
  • working together using a systematic approach to decision making for the benefit of our constituents.



  • WCC - Wytheville
    1000 East Main Street
    Wytheville, VA 24382
    Phone: (276) 223-4700
    TDD Hearing Impaired: (276) 223-4849
    Toll-Free: (800) 468-1195
  • WCC - Crossroads
    1117 East Stuart Drive
    Galax, VA 24333
    Phone: (276) 744-4974
  • WCC - Summit
    203 N. Church Street
    Marion, VA 24354
    Phone: (276) 783-1777 

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