January 14, 2020

WCC recently recognized four outstanding teaching faculty members during the Faculty/Staff holiday luncheon held at the end of the 2019 fall semester. Stan Jones, a Science faculty member, received an award for teaching. Kristie Haga, Human Services Program Head, and Mimi Leonard, an English Faculty member, received awards for teaching and institutional responsibility. Deanna Spraker, a Science faculty member, received an award for teaching, institutional responsibility, scholarly and creative engagement, and service.

These awards are giving to faculty members who make a difference in the life of the college. The award for teaching is presented to a faculty member for “creating a learning environment that facilitates students’ acquisition of knowledge and skills in a subject.”  The award for institutional responsibility is given to a faculty member for “performing assigned or presumed duties that support and advance the mission of the Virginia Community College System and Wytheville Community College to enhance the functioning of the college.” The award for scholarly and creative engagement is given to a faculty member for “activities specifically associated with the faculty member’s formally recognized area of expertise.” The award for service is given to a faculty member for “the quality participation and commitment to students, college and/or community organizations with their activities not being done for extra compensation as an expectation of one’s activities as a professional educator.”

Teaching faculty at WCC may be nominated each semester by members of the WCC college community, including students, faculty, and staff. Recommendations for the awards are submitted to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Development and reviewed by the Faculty Reward and Recognition Committee, which consists of a group of their peers.



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