March 18, 2019

Wythe and Bland County high school seniors are encouraged to take advantage of the Wythe-Bland Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship covers tuition and fees for any Wythe or Bland County student for 5 of the 6 semesters following their high school graduation at Wytheville Community College (WCC). Students can take advantage of the scholarship to pay either for short-term career training, an occupational or technical degree, or to complete their associate’s degree and then transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree. Many Wythe and Bland County students successfully transfer to an in-state college or university after completing two years tuition free at WCC.

The Wythe-Bland Foundation Scholarship has been offered since 2007 to Wythe and Bland County students. Since the scholarship program began, the Wythe-Bland Foundation has invested over $3.8 million in tuition and fees for 2,850 students.

Dan Havel, Wythe-Bland Foundation Scholarship Program manager, stated: “Wythe and Bland classes of 2019 should not pass up the great opportunity to get a quality education tuition free.”

To qualify for the Wythe-Bland Foundation Scholarship at WCC, students must have attended a public or private high school in Wythe or Bland County during their junior and senior years. Home-schooled students are also eligible, provided they meet WCC entrance requirements and satisfy other eligibility requirements.

Students who complete their GED by the graduation date of their original graduating class are eligible for the program as well, provided they meet the other eligibility requirements. Students applying for the Wythe-Bland Foundation.

All scholarship recipients must also provide proof of residence in Wythe or Bland County for at least two years before their high school graduation.

Wythe-Bland Foundation Scholarship recipients must complete 40 hours of community service with an approved agency, 20 hours during each of the first two semesters they are enrolled to remain in the program. The student must also achieve a 2.0 or higher grade point average and complete 67% of all attempted classes by the end of their second semester.

For more information about the Wythe-Bland Foundation Scholarship Program, contact Dan Havel at or (276)223-4719.



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