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Historical Dictionary of Ukraine. Ref DK508.444 K64 2013

The 50 States.  Ref E180.A15 2013

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Careers in Healthcare. Ref R690.C66 2014

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Mental Health Care Issues in America.  Ref RC437.M46 2013

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Clinical Problem Solving in Periodontology & Implantology.  RK361.C55 2013

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Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Practical Nursing for the NCLEX-PN Examination.  RT62.M62 2014 (GEC)

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Genomics.  RT1.N77 Dec. 2013

Facilitating Aging in Place.  RT1.N77 June 2014

Man Up!  RT83.C65 2013

O'Lynn, Chad E.  A Man's Guide to a Nursing Career.  RT83.O59 2013


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Angel, Lois Ketner.  Us Kettners.  Kegley CS71.K4855 2013 Non-Circ.

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Notes and Queries:  Historical and Genealogical, Relating Chiefly to Interior Pennsylvania.  Kegley F146.N92 Non-Circ.

Index to Main Families, Persons, Places and Subjects in Egle’s Notes and Queries.  Kegley F146.N92 Index  Non-Circ.

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Humphrey, John T.  Pennsylvania Births, Lebanon County, 1714-1800.  Kegley F157.L4 H86 1996 Non-Circ.

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Strassburger, Ralph Beaver.  Pennsylvania German Pioneers:  A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808.  Kegley F160.G3 S8 1966 Non-Circ.

Strassburger, Ralph Beaver.  Pennsylvania German Pioneers:  A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808.  Kegley F160.G3 S82 1992 Non-Circ.

Beardshall, Ann Hardy.  Sharon College:  Effna (Bland County), Virginia, 1892-1901.  Kegley F232.B5 B55 no. 3 Case

Sims, Edgar B.  Making a State: Formation of West Virginia.  Kegley F247.A15 S5 Non-Circ.

Haga, Pauline A.  Mercer County Deaths.  Kegley F247.M5 H34 1996 Non-Circ.

Cox, William E.  A Pictorial History of the New River Gorge.  Kegley F247.N5 C6 1984

Wood, Jim.  Raleigh County, West Virginia.  Kegley F247.R15 W66 1994 Non-Circ.

Camin, Betty J.  North Carolina Naturalization Index, 1792-1862.  Kegley F253.C33 1989 Non-Circ.

Linn, Jo White.  Rowan County, North Carolina, Tax Lists, 1757-1800.  Kegley F262.R8 L558 1995 Non-Circ.

North Carolina Historical Commission.  Records of the Moravians in North Carolina.  Kegley F265.M7 N63 1968 Non-Circ.

Brookes-Smith, Joan.  Master Index, Virginia Surveys and Grants, 1774-1791.  Kegley F450.B76 1976 Non-Circ.

Kozee, William Carlos.  Pioneer Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky.  Kegley F450.K6 1973 Non-Circ.

Petitions of the Early Inhabitants of Kentucky to the General Assembly of Virginia, 1769 to 1792.  Kegley F450.P48 1998 Non-Circ.

Monroe County, Indiana Family Heritage 1987.  Kegley F532.M7 M66 1987 Non-Circ.

DeBord, Anna Leigh.  Smyth County, Virginia, 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Slave Schedule.  Kegley HA687.S6 1860 Case

Caudill, Harry M.  Night Comes to the Cumberlands:  A Biography of a Depressed Area. Kegley HC107.K4 C3 2001

Jude, Rosa Lee.  Deception.  Kegley PS3560.U345 D43 2013


Developing Cultural Competence.  DVD  HM793.D48 2013

The Lottery.  DVD  PZ3.J14763Lo 1969

Langevin, Diane.  Anatomical Landmarks of the Teeth.  DVD  QM311.L36 2001

Attorney at Law:  Legal Considerations for Today’s Practitioner.  DVD  RK58.5.A83 2001

Productive Anesthesia and Pain Control.  DVD  RK510.P76 1996

Biron, Cynthia R.  Precision in Periodontal Instrumentation.  DVD  RK681.B5702006

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