Grading System/Grade Reports

Grading System

Grades of A, B, C, D, S, and P are passing grades.

Grades of F and U are failing grades.

Grades of P, R, S, and U apply only to Developmental Studies courses.

Grades of I mean Incomplete; that is, the student was unable to finish the course after having completed nearly all of the work and has been granted a one-semester extension. When the student completes the work, the instructor for the class will submit a new grade. After one semester, a grade of I will revert to an F, if the work has not been completed.

Grades of W are shown on a transcript when a student has withdrawn from a class after the initial add and drop period in the semester. A W does not affect the student's grade point average but may affect Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid.

Normally, if a student transfers to a four-year college or university, only grades of A, B, and C will be accepted for credit in courses equivalent to those offered at the four-year college or university.

The recommended numerical range for each letter grade is as follows:

  • A - 91 - 100
  • B - 81 - 90
  • C - 71 - 80
  • D - 61 - 70
  • F - 60 or below

Instructors are not required to follow this recommended scale; however, if an instructor plans to deviate from these figures, the students will be informed in the class syllabus at the beginning of the term.

Grade Reports

Students may view their final grades on the WCC website by logging into the SIS system at Grade reports will NOT be mailed.

Students must have their username and password in order to access grades. If you do not know your username and password, you can look up username and password here. Students who do not have home computers may use public access computers in the Library or their local public libraries.