WCC's Workforce Development offers a wide variety of occupational and personal development opportunities to individuals within the service region. Explore some of our current programs below.

Personal Development

Introduces art to the student without previous training. Provides studio exercises in drawing, painting, and two- and three-dimensional design.
Cost: FREE

Community Choir
Would you like to be a part of the WCC Community Choir? 
Community Choir consists of performance from the standard repertoires, including the study of ensemble techniques and interpretation.
Cost: FREE

WCC Concert Band
Join the WCC Concert Band and become part of a group of musicians that learn and perform instrumental music for the community.
Cost: FREE

To register, contact Brinda Browning at (276) 223-4712 or bbrowning@wcc.vccs.edu

Live Computer Classes

Computer Basics - FREE CLASS

It's never too late to learn to use a computer. More and more activities, transactions, and communications are expected to be done on a computer these days. This beginner's class led by a patient, encouraging instructor is designed to teach participants basic computer literacy, give them hands-on practice, and increase their confidence in using technology.

Prerequisites: No prior skills are needed although minimal keyboarding skills would be helpful.

Topics include:

  • Computers in Day-to-Day Life
  • Getting to Know the Keyboard
  • Getting to Know the Mouse
  • The Anatomy of Windows
  • Navigating
  • Opening and Closing Applications
  • Accessing the Internet

Essential Windows Skills

Participants will learn the essential skills of using the Windows 10 operating system. Mastering these concepts is the critical first step to using a personal computer (PC) and its applications correctly and easily. Both new and long-time computer users are often amazed when they discover the power and efficiency gained from understanding the meaning of buttons, bars, and other features. Some of the topics taught will be navigating, the Start menu, desktop and system settings, customizing features, starting and closing programs, switching between programs, saving files, and accessing websites using a web browser. Part of the class will focus extensively on understanding, locating, and managing drives, folders, and files. 
8 Hours / .8 CEU's

Prerequisites: Minimal keyboarding skills would be helpful.

Basic Excel

Topics taught will include basic Excel terminology and concepts and the Excel environment and layout. Participants will learn how to create and manipulate simple worksheets with basic formulas and tips and best practices for working efficiently.

Prerequisites: Basic Windows skills including using a keyboard and mouse, starting and closing programs, locating and managing drives, folders, and files, and understanding the common interface of Microsoft Office Suite Programs versions 2013 or later.

Intermediate Excel

Learn some of the higher-level functionality and the power of data analysis. Topics covered are advanced formulas and functions, advanced formatting, using and creating templates, working with print options, and using Excel in other MS Office applications.

Prerequisites: Basic Excel skills such as creating and saving a basic workbook, basic worksheet formatting, and printing.

For information on any of the computer classes, contact: 
Jane Mitchell at (276) 223-4820 or jmitchell@wcc.vccs.edu 

Looking for other training? Browse our current courses:

  1. Visit our online registration website: wcc.augusoft.net
  2. Click the Courses Link
  3. Select a subcategory under one of the categories of interest
  4. For details on any of the courses listed, click the course title


Some of our online partners include:

World Education

  • Business & Professional
  • IT & Software
  • Skilled Trades & Industrial
  • Healthcare & Fitness
  • Management & Corporate
  • Sustainability
  • Hospital
  • Gaming
  • Media & Design
  • High School & College Prep 

Pearson Workforce Education 

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Business & Professional Development
  • Green Sustainability
  • Health Careers
  • IT & Software Development
  • Project Management & Quality
  • Workplace Readiness


  • Finance
  • Business & Leadership
  • Career & Hospitality
  • Education
  • Personal Development
  • Green Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial & Skilled Trades
  • Legal & Criminal Justice
  • Multimedia & Graphic Design
  • Programming & Web Applications
  • Spanish
  • Computer Programming

UGot Class

  • Training for K-12 Teachers
  • Health
  • Professional Development
  • Social Media for Business
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership & Management
  • LEED Green Workplace
  • Business Communication
  • Career Skills
  • New Media
  • Marketing

Education To Go

Online classes run 6-weeks. Classes start at $104.
Visit our course website: www.ed2go.com/wcc 

Ed2Go Career Programs

Online career-focused programs.
Check out our online course catalog: careertraining.ed2go.com/wcc/

The Income Tax School

Online courses for tax professionals: http://www.theincometaxschool.com/WCC/

The Center for Legal Studies

The Center for Legal Studies offers online courses for Paralegal Preparation, Victim Advocacy, Intellectual Property Law for Engineers, and more.
Log on to our course website:https://www.legalstudies.com/vendor/wytheville-cc/ 


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