Alternative Text (E-Text)

What is an alternative text format and who could benefit from them?
E-text is textual information available in an electronic format. This text can be read and interacted with on or by a computer. Given our ability to change or manipulate electronic information, e-text can be converted into several accessible formats to meet students' various needs.

For students living with visual impairments or learning disabilities, printed formats can be inaccessible. Students who qualify with the disability services office on their campus can obtain electronic versions of their texts in alternate formats that better suit their needs.

Click here to access the E-Text Request Form

Additional Resources

WCC'S Assistive Technology

WCC offers the following assistive devices to assist students with disabilities based on the students eligibility for the device:

  • Read & Write Gold 11 for Windows – screen reader that works with a PC and can be installed on a home PC
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – allows computer access and use by voice
  • Kurzweil 3000 – screen reader
  • Track-ball mouse – Large mouse that is easier to manipulate than standard mouse
  • CCTV – magnifies hard copy – Primary users: individuals with low or compromised vision
  • Spell Checkers – provides auditory feedback with comprehensive dictionary
  • Audio Recorders – records auditory information mobility issues
  • Reading Pens – scans and reads text
  • Smartpen – note taking and audio recording device

Other assistive technology requests will be reviewed on an individual basis and may be the responsibility of the student.