Curricular Students

Curricular students are those who have been admitted to any of the academic programs of the college. A student who has a high school diploma or a GED is designated a curricular student when the student's file in the Admissions and Records Office contains all the information for general admission to the college and when the student has been admitted to one of the academic programs of the college.

Non-Curricular Students

Non-curricular students are those who have been admitted to the College, but have not been formally admitted to curricular or Developmental Studies programs. Non-curricular students are classified according to the following student goals or conditions:

  • Upgrading employment skills for present job.
  • Developing skills for new job.
  • Career exploration -The College will provide counseling to help students make decisions concerning career goals. Students are expected to declare other educational goals prior to completing 30 credit hours of course work.
  • Personal satisfaction and general knowledge.
  • Transient - Transient students are those who, while enrolled at a community college, maintain primary enrollment with other colleges or universities.
  • Non-degree transfer – Non-degree transfer students are those who are enrolled at community colleges with the intent to transfer to other colleges or universities prior to completing community college graduation requirements.
  • High school - High school students with permission of their principal and the appropriate division dean may enroll at WCC. Home school students, with permission of the Vice President of Instruction and Student Development and with appropriate documentation for Home Schooling, may enroll at WCC.
  • General or curricular requirement pending (with college approval only) -This classification includes students who have not met all general or specific admission requirements as stated in the college catalog. Students should be enrolled in this category for one semester only.
  • Restricted enrollment (with college approval only) - This classification includes students who have met admission requirements of specific curricula but are temporarily denied entry because of enrollment limits. These students enroll in other courses while waiting for entry into chosen curricula.
  • Auditing a course (with college approval only) - Under this classification, students enroll in courses without taking exams or receiving credit. Audits are permitted only if there are a sufficient number of students taking the class for credit.


A student is classified as a freshman until 30 credits of study in a designated curriculum are completed.


A student is considered a sophomore after 30 or more credits of course work in a curriculum are completed. Transferred credits are included providing they apply toward the requirements of the student’s curriculum.

Full-Time Student

A full-time student is one who is carrying 12 or more credits of course work.

Part-Time Student

A part-time student is one who is carrying fewer than 12 credits of course work.