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Message from the WCC Athletic Director

Welcome to Wytheville Community College, “Home of the Wildcats”! On behalf of the athletic department, I encourage you to inquire about the academic and athletic opportunities awaiting you at Wytheville Community College. Here at Wytheville Community College we offer two National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division III level programs (Men’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball) and two club level programs (Men’s and Womens Soccer). All of our athletic programs are supported by our Pep Band. The Pep Band is comprised of collegiate and high school students in our service region. As a member of the NJCAA Division III, Wytheville Community College competes in one of the best conferences in the country. It is our goal to challenge student-athletes both academically and athletically so that they may be successful in their future endeavors. With a program based on integrity, excellence, and scholarship, the athletic department is dedicated and committed to provide our student-athletes with the best college experience in the nation. While attending Wytheville Community College, students develop lasting friendships, establish a healthy lifestyle, form positive academic habits, and strive for academic excellence.

Go Wildcats!
Tyler Cannoy
Director of Athletics

Staff Directory

Tyler Cannoy, Athletic Director
Karen Hawkins, Assistant Athletic Director

Men’s Basketball
Tyler Cannoy, Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Phone: (276) 223-4851
Office: 133 Carroll

Thomas Cannoy, Associate Head Men’s Basketball Coach 
Phone: (276) 223-4851
Office: 133 Carroll

Women’s Volleyball
John Lawson, Head Coach Women’s Volleyball 
Phone: (276) 223-4731
Office: 113 Fincastle

Academic Program

The Process

The athletics department at Wytheville Community College is fully committed to emphasizing the importance of academics.  All student-athletes must participate in the following requirements designed specifically to encourage academic excellence.  As an educational institution, the athletics department requires the student-athlete to be a student first and athlete second.  Each student-athlete should value the high-quality education provided from Wytheville Community College.

Student-athletes of the Wytheville Community College athletic program will be required to follow a structured and disciplined academic plan in order to promote success in the classroom.

Academic Program Goals

  • NJCAA All-Academic Team (Team GPA of 3.0 or higher)
  • NJCAA Award for Academic Achievement (Individual)
  • Student-Athlete Graduate/Transfer Rate 100%

Student-Athlete Seating Assignments

All student-athletes are required to be seated in the first two (2) rows of every class. This guideline reinforces the belief of our coaching staffs that if the student-athlete is actively engaged in the classroom they will get the most out of every class meeting.

Progress Reports

Two progress reports (beginning report and mid semester report) are administered during both fall and spring semesters.  Progress reports provide coaches with valuable information such as a student’s current course grade, class attendance and allow instructors to communicate directly with the student-athletes and coaching staff.  Progress reports also allow the coaching staff to exercise early intervention and develop academic strategies that promote student success.  Progress reports twice a semester serve as an academic tool to ensure student-athletes performance in the classroom.

Wildcat Student-Athlete Program (WSP) & Study Hall

WSP is another tool utilized to enhance a formal study program for student athletes.  WSP is required of every freshman student-athlete, as well as returning students, that received below a 3.00 GPA in the previous semester.  Student-athletes are required to utilize the tutoring lab each week.

  • The Wildcat Student-Athlete Program (WSP) will be mandatory for all incoming freshmen and upperclassmen below a 3.00 GPA.  Individual sessions will be held with an academic monitor each week to encourage and monitor academic progress.  Each student-athlete will be required to complete 8-hours per week (2 hours per day, Monday – Thursday) of 1-on-1 study hall sessions to be held in the Academic Resource Center. Student-athletes will be required to sign in and out with the Athletic Director, store non-academic material such as cell phones, IPods etc., with the Assistant to the Athletic Director before entering the session. Every student-athlete will be evaluated on their progress at the end of each semester based on their attendance and current academic standing.
  • Along with the WSP, team study sessions will be held throughout the semester.  This will be a time for the entire team to help each other in related classes, go to the library or Academic Resource Center.  All activities must be related to academics.
  • Players will be instructed to bring study materials to away games.  In the case of overnight trips, study sessions at the hotel will be placed on the itinerary.


Academic advising and counseling student-athletes insures transfer and/or graduation within the time spent here on the WCC campus. Appropriate classes and curriculum is vital to their ability to transfer to another institution and more importantly their academic success.  The NCAA has strict rules and regulations concerning transfer students and with careful planning, issues concerning transferable credits can be avoided.  Thus, open communication must exist between the student-athlete, coaching staff and the Athletic Director.


This is the “checks and balances” of the academic program.  In order to identify the student-athletes who need to increase their focus on schoolwork, we must collect fair and honest evaluations from the faculty.  The process is as follows:

  • Send, via campus mail, a letter explaining the academic mission of the athletic program and athletic department.  This letter will also include what we expect out of each student-athlete and the staff’s expectations of the faculty.  In addition, a sample of the grade check will be enclosed.
  • Explain to the student-athletes the expectations of the faculty and coaching staff in relation to the academic mission, academic eligibility & academic progress.
  • Two times per semester grade checks will be sent out to instructors and will be returned to the Athletic Department including attendance, current grades, and instructor comments.
  • In addition to progress reports, weekly academic check-ups will provide necessary information on WSP participants.
  • End of the year Academic Reports will be compiled that reflects departmental academic progress.

Top 10 Steps to Academic Success

  1. 100% Attendance is required! Excused absences:  Because of scheduled away games, student-athletes will miss a minimal number of classes.  In this case, the student-athlete must communicate with the faculty or make arrangements to make up missed academic work prior to the event.  Unexcused absences:  As stated earlier, 100% attendance is required.  If these protocols are not respected, disciplinary actions will follow.
  2. Sit in the first two rows.  This eliminates distractions and provides for better class involvement.
  3. Do not be tardy!  Show respect for the faculty by demonstrating a willingness to listen and understand the subject being taught.
  4. Proper attire must be worn with the appropriate class etiquette. This includes no headphones, newspapers, etc. in class unless you receive prior approval from the faculty.
  5. Come to class prepared. Student-athletes must bring the supplies necessary to efficiently participate in class; i.e. pencil/pen, paper, textbook.
  6. Communicate with faculty - don’t be afraid to ask questions or set up appointments with faculty – they are here to provide that support.
  7. WSP Study Hall attendance will be mandatory.
  8. Complete assignments before class.  Keep up with your work!
  9. Take good notes.
  10. Utilize the academic resource center (ARC) and meet with tutors and/or counselors when needed



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